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Sergii Burmaさんのログブック(旅行記)「Athens」


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Athens. The city with the most glorious history in the world, a city worshipped by gods and people, a magical city. The enchanting capital of Greece has always been a birthplace for civilization. It is the city where democracy was born and most of the wise men of ancient times. The most important civilization of ancient world flourished in Athens and relives through some of the world's most formidable edifices.



Εθνικός Κήπος (National Garden) アッティカ, ギリシャ

Εθνικός Κήπος (National Garden)(アッティカ, ギリシャ)|Athens(Sergii Burmaさん)

The National Garden is a public park of 15.5 hectares (38 acres) in the center of the Greek capital, Athens. It is located directly behind the Greek Parliament building (The Old Palace) and continues to the South to the area where the Zappeion is located, across from the Panathenaiko or Kalimarmaro Olympic Stadium of the 1896 Olympic Games. The Garden also encloses some ancient ruins, tambourines and Corinthian capitals of columns, mosaics, and other features. On the Southeast side are the busts of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece, and of the Philhellene Jean-Gabriel Eynard. On the South side are the busts of the celebrated Greek poets Dionysios Solomos, author of the Greek National Hymn, and Aristotelis Valaoritis.

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アテナイのアクロポリス(Ακρόπολη Αθηνών (Acropolis of Athens)) アッティカ, ギリシャ

アテナイのアクロポリス(Ακρόπολη Αθηνών (Acropolis of Athens))(アッティカ, ギリシャ)|Athens(Sergii Burmaさん)

The Parthenon is a temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron. Construction began in 447 BC when the Athenian Empire was at the height of its power. It was completed in 438 BC although decoration of the building continued until 432 BC. It is the most important surviving building of Classical Greece, generally considered the zenith of the Doric order. Its decorative sculptures are considered some of the high points of Greek art.

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ローマ時代のアゴラ(Ρωμαϊκή Αγορά (Roman Agora)) アッティカ, ギリシャ

ローマ時代のアゴラ(Ρωμαϊκή Αγορά (Roman Agora))(アッティカ, ギリシャ)|Athens(Sergii Burmaさん)

The Ancient Agora of Classical Athens is the best-known example of an ancient Greek agora, located to the northwest of the Acropolis and bounded on the south by the hill of the Areopagus and on the west by the hill known as the Kolonus Agoraios, also called Market Hill.

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アテナイのアクロポリス(Ακρόπολη Αθηνών (Acropolis of Athens)) アッティカ, ギリシャ

アテナイのアクロポリス(Ακρόπολη Αθηνών (Acropolis of Athens))(アッティカ, ギリシャ)|Athens(Sergii Burmaさん) - 02

The Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus is a major open-air theatre and one of the earliest preserved in Athens. It was used for festivals in honor of the god Dionysus. Greek theaters in antiquity were in many instances of huge proportions but, under ideal conditions of occupancy and weather, the acoustical properties approach perfection by modern test.

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Ναός Ηφαίστου (Temple of Hephaistos) アッティカ, ギリシャ

Ναός Ηφαίστου (Temple of Hephaistos)(アッティカ, ギリシャ)|Athens(Sergii Burmaさん)

The Temple of Hephaestus or Hephaisteion or earlier as the Theseion, is a well-preserved Greek temple; it remains standing largely as built. It is a Doric peripteral temple, and is located at the north-west side of the Agora of Athens, on top of the Agoraios Kolonos hill. From the 7th century until 1834, it served as the Greek Orthodox church of St. George Akamates.

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Ναός Ολυμπίου Διός (Temple Of Olympian Zeus) アッティカ, ギリシャ

Ναός Ολυμπίου Διός (Temple Of Olympian Zeus)(アッティカ, ギリシャ)|Athens(Sergii Burmaさん)

he Temple of Olympian Zeus (Greek: Ναὸς τοῦ Ὀλυμπίου Διός, Naos tou Olympiou Dios), also known as the Olympieion or Columns of the Olympian Zeus, is a colossal ruined temple in the centre of the Greek capital Athens that was dedicated to Zeus, king of the Olympian gods.

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Ναός Ολυμπίου Διός (Temple Of Olympian Zeus) アッティカ, ギリシャ

Ναός Ολυμπίου Διός (Temple Of Olympian Zeus)(アッティカ, ギリシャ)|Athens(Sergii Burmaさん) - 02

Construction began in the 6th century BC during the rule of the Athenian tyrants, who envisaged building the greatest temple in the ancient world, but it was not completed until the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD some 638 years after the project had begun. During the Roman periods it was renowned as the largest temple in Greece and housed one of the largest cult statues in the ancient world.

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2013-11-16 - 2013-11-20

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2013年11月、4泊5日で訪れたギリシャ、サントリーニ島の旅日記。 オフシーズンの為人も少なく、宿はなんと70%OFF!! 白と青がおりなす夢の国のような美しい景観を、誰にも邪魔される事なくゆっくりと楽しむ事ができました。 世界一と称されるサントリーニで見た夕陽は、この旅一番の思い出です。

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2014-09-12 - 2014-09-15

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  • mihooo

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ギリシャ アテネ散策~フェリーでトルコへ移動

ギリシャ アテネ散策~フェリーでトルコへ移動

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アルバニアからバスで26時間、アテネに数日滞在私にはほぼ初の西側の国です。 ギリシャ危機後でもあり、ホームレスが多く、また世界中から人が移住してきていました。 帰りは船でキオス島~トルコへと移動しイスタンブールの空港へと向かいました。 写真

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Ancient Athens

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Athens Athens

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