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Valentyna Kuznetsovaさんのログブック(旅行記)「Karlovy Vary」

Karlovy Vary

2014-05-08 - 2014-05-108 Episodes
Valentyna Kuznetsova
Travel Collector
Valentyna Kuznetsova
  • 20s / female
  • Czechia
Places visited

I would call this place Czech Monte-Carlo. Expensive shops, expensive cars, jewelry salons, plastic surgery cabinets, five stars hotels and... many many Russian tourists:)

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Day 12014/05/08

Tržní kolonáda Karlovy Vary Region, Czechia

Tržní kolonáda(カルロヴィ・ヴァリ, チェコ)|Karlovy Vary(Valentyna Kuznetsovaさん)

You can buy special cups in souvenir shops and go along the river to find all of the hot springs of Karlovy Vary. You will be surprised by taste and temperature and probably will not like water in them, but this is must-have for Carlsbad

  • Loved to be there!

Vřídelní kolonáda | Hot Spring Colonnade Karlovy Vary Region, Czechia

Vřídelní kolonáda | Hot Spring Colonnade(カルロヴィ・ヴァリ, チェコ)|Karlovy Vary(Valentyna Kuznetsovaさん)

You will be amazed by the architecture of this town. You can spend hours on finding more and more details on the buildings, and you will never find the same balconies or colones.

  • Loved to be there!

Divadelní náměstí Karlovy Vary Region, Czechia

Divadelní náměstí(カルロヴィ・ヴァリ, チェコ)|Karlovy Vary(Valentyna Kuznetsovaさん)

Fountains in the river, green trees and spirit of old times in the air will bring you the good mood.

  • Loved to be there!

Grandhotel Pupp Karlovy Vary Region, Czechia

Grandhotel Pupp(カルロヴィ・ヴァリ, チェコ)|Karlovy Vary(Valentyna Kuznetsovaさん)

Hundreds of restaurants open the doors for you every day, everyone can find something by their taste

  • Loved to be there!

Day 22014/05/09

Funikuler Karlovy Vary Region, Czechia

Funikuler(カルロヴィ・ヴァリ, チェコ)|Karlovy Vary(Valentyna Kuznetsovaさん)

You can use a funikuler to up on the top of the hill whereyou can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the town

  • Loved to be there!

Vyhlídka Karla IV. Karlovy Vary Region, Czechia

Vyhlídka Karla IV.(カルロヴィ・ヴァリ, チェコ)|Karlovy Vary(Valentyna Kuznetsovaさん)

You can come back to town on foot through forest, and find some benches to sit and relax, and feel the breath of the forest

  • Loved to be there!

Day 32014/05/10

Jelení skok Karlovy Vary Region, Czechia

Jelení skok(カルロヴィ・ヴァリ, チェコ)|Karlovy Vary(Valentyna Kuznetsovaさん)

You can walk to see the Dear Jump, it's situated close to restaurant U Svejku, You just need to use the stairs and walk little bit.

  • Loved to be there!

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