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Marina Kharitonovaさんのログブック(旅行記)「Milan , i love..」

Milan , i love..

2014-05-18 - 2014-05-19 5 300 0

If you travel in Europe visit Italy, of course tipically Italy in the south but Milan has own beautiful spirit.



ロンバルディア(イタリア)|「Duomo- how much including this word! If you will visit Milan you must!!! Visit and go on the top Duomo.」Milan , i love..(Marina Kharito

Duomo- how much including this word! If you will visit Milan you must!!! Visit and go on the top Duomo.

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ロンバルディア(イタリア)|「Make you life more happy)」Milan , i love..(Marina Kharitonovaさん)

Make you life more happy)

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ロンバルディア(イタリア)|「Milan , oo Milan so beautifull and so different」Milan , i love..(Marina Kharitonovaさん)

Milan , oo Milan so beautifull and so different

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ロンバルディア(イタリア)|「Like every where- there are one who will make smile on you face)))」Milan , i love..(Marina Kharitonovaさん)

Like every where- there are one who will make smile on you face)))

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2008-01-05 - 2008-01-09

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  • yokoichi

作者: yokoichi

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ミラノ週末旅行 ~カツレツが食べたい!~

ミラノ週末旅行 ~カツレツが食べたい!~

2014-09-05 - 2014-09-07

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  • Yoshiyuki John Oshima

作者: Yoshiyuki John Oshima

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2015-03-06 - 2015-03-12

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  • takamichi
ミラノ〜ヴェネチア〜フィレンツェ〜ローマの4都市をフリーで周遊。 イタリアは料理が美味しくて、歴史も古い素敵な国でした。

作者: takamichi

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Lago Iseo and Brescia

Lago Iseo and Brescia

2014-06-02 - 2014-06-07

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  • Lukasz Michalski
My girlfriend and I have spent a wonderful week at one of the most underrated lakes in Italy. The Lago Iseo, located just 50 km away from the three well known big Italian lakes, which are also very beautiful but way too expensive for students like us. We've spent 6 nights in an apartment, located just 30 meters from the lake. The little town of Iseo is also very beautiful and provides you with all the stores you need, the coffee and gelato tastes incredible. To widen our horizont, we also have spent 2 days in wonderful Brescia, a city just an hour ride away from Iseo. We orginally planned it as a day trip, but the city has so much to offer that we added an extra day. Don't forget to check out the Roman Sides, which you will see in the Pictures. In Iseo we also rent a little motor boat and went around the lake and a little Island, located just in the middle of the lake. It's called Monte Isola, and if you do the 2 hour hike to the top of the island, it will spoil you with one of the most wonderful views you will ever see. The blue water of the lake, contrasting with snowy peaks of the alps, which are so close by! I can highly recommend the place for vacation, especially since it is not crowded at all and afordable! Cheers Lukasz

作者: Lukasz Michalski

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2008-06-05 - 2008-06-16

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  • Iryna Gerasymenko
芸術の都フィレンツェ、ファッションの中心ミラノ、水の都ベネチア、そして古代ローマ帝国遺跡が残るローマ… または、イタリア南部のナポリ、アマルフィ、シチリアの旅行写真を楽しんでください! :)

作者: Iryna Gerasymenko

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2012-09-13 - 2012-09-14

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  • Julia Holyniuk Borodovskaya
Since 2012 I was 5 times in Milano and like it cause it is easy to get to beautiful lakes from there. - Como and Maggiore. And shopping is especially good in Milano =) Special place for me in Milano is Monumental Cemetery. It is like a museum in the open air.

作者: Julia Holyniuk Borodovskaya

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2011-05-06 - 2011-05-07

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  • Satoshi Takamura
  • Io Takamura
世界一周旅行7ヶ国目 2011年5月6日(金) 滞在時間:0日と20時間05分/1泊

作者: Satoshi Takamura

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Milan , i love.. Milan , i love..

Milan , i love.. トップへ