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Sebastian Jagiełaさんのログブック(旅行記)「Favignana island」

Favignana island

2013-04-17 - 2013-04-186 Episodes
Sebastian Jagieła
Travel Collector
Sebastian Jagieła
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  • Italy
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Favignana is the largest and most important of the Egadi Islands, three islands off the western coast of Sicily. Favignana has good, frequent ferry connections with the other islands and with Trapani; the proximity of Trapani Airport makes the island remarkably accessible from the rest of Europe. This easy access hasn't - yet - spoiled the island, which is a fairly low-key destination most visited by Italian holiday-makers. Although there are tourist amenities, the island's character seems little-altered, and travellers who come here are happy to fit in with the leisurely island way of life. One of the charms of the Egadi Islands is that they have never been populated with villas of the rich, nor frequented by the showy, and no out-of-character attractions have been developed for tourists, so compared with the crowded tourist islands of Capri and Ischia, and the chic atmosphere of some of the Aeolian Islands, Favignana and its Egadi siblings have a refreshing simple authenticity.

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Day 12013/04/17

Castello di Santa Caterina Sicily, Italy

Castello di Santa Caterina(シチリア, イタリア)|Favignana island(Sebastian Jagiełaさん)

The castle, called the Forte di Santa Caterina, is officially closed to the public, but when I visited it was easy to enter the decrepit building and expore its extensive interior and terraces, all crumbling away in a state of abandonment.

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Day 22013/04/18

La Playa Italy

La Playa(イタリア)|Favignana island(Sebastian Jagiełaさん)

Favignana has several small beaches, some of which, though popular, are fairly hard of access. One of the most sought-after bathing spots is Cala Rossa, a pretty bay with turquoise sea.

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Diving center Posidonia Blu Italy

Diving center Posidonia Blu(イタリア)|Favignana island(Sebastian Jagiełaさん)

Visitors turn up on bicyles, scooters or in boats to drape themselves over rocks, or wade out from the pocket-handkerchief sized sandy beach.

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Hotel delle Cave Italy

Hotel delle Cave(イタリア)|Favignana island(Sebastian Jagiełaさん)

Favignana has a good choice of accommodation, from hotels to holiday apartments.

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Castello di Santa Caterina Sicily, Italy

Castello di Santa Caterina(シチリア, イタリア)|Favignana island(Sebastian Jagiełaさん) - 02

Ever since the Roman era, Italians have used their offshore islands as prisons, and Favignana still fulfils this function. A prison, built on and around the site of a Norman castle, sits close to the centre of Favignana town.

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noleggio egadi Sicily, Italy

noleggio egadi(シチリア, イタリア)|Favignana island(Sebastian Jagiełaさん)

Favignana's shape is often fancifully compared to a butterfly; it is composed of two flat stretches of land on either side of a high rocky spine, topped by a decaying fortress.

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Favignana island Favignana island

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