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Rendal Whiteさんのログブック(旅行記)「Barcelona」


2013-05-06 - 2013-05-095 Episodes
Rendal White
Travel Collector
Rendal White
  • 20s / male
  • Spain
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The most wonderful place on earth in the spring. Missing the city so much

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Day 12013/05/06

Gaudi Barcelona Catalonia, Spain

ガウディ バルセロナ(Gaudi Barcelona)(カタルーニャ, スペイン)|Barcelona(Rendal Whiteさん)

One of the most famous sights in Barcelona - a beautiful mansion designed by Gaudi. A true masterpiece.

  • Loved to be there!

Barcelona Catalonia, Spain

バルセロナ(Barcelona)(カタルーニャ, スペイン)|Barcelona(Rendal Whiteさん)

Ukrainian prints found in Barcelona. Sergey Bubka - one of the most prominent Ukrainian athletes.

  • Loved to be there!

Day 22013/05/07

Barcelona City Ramblas Catalonia, Spain

バルセロナ シティ ランブラス(Barcelona City Ramblas)(カタルーニャ, スペイン)|Barcelona(Rendal Whiteさん)

A huge stand full of sweets of all colors at the Barcelona market.

  • Loved to be there!

Day 32013/05/08

La Rambla Catalonia, Spain

ランブラス通り(La Rambla)(カタルーニャ, スペイン)|Barcelona(Rendal Whiteさん)

The same market experienced from a different angle. Spaniards apparently found alien life...

  • Loved to be there!

Day 42013/05/09

Barcelona, Spain Catalonia, Spain

スペイン、バルセロナ(Barcelona, Spain)(カタルーニャ, スペイン)|Barcelona(Rendal Whiteさん)

A very nice spot in Barcelona. Cozy, friendly and chatty.

  • Loved to be there!

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