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Stefan Meierさんのログブック(旅行記)「Dresden, Germany」

Dresden, Germany

2013-11-09 - 2013-11-095 Episodes
Stefan Meier
Travel Collector
Stefan Meier
  • 20s / male
  • Germany
Places visited

Experiencing german History and vibrant city life in the very east of Germany.

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Day 12013/11/09

Dresden-Südvorstadt Saxony, Germany

Dresden-Südvorstadt(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden, Germany(Stefan Meierさん)

Great Passage near Töpferstrasse. Right before you first see amazing Frauenkirche

  • Loved to be there!
  • Budget:0USD

Semperoper Saxony, Germany

ゼンパー・オーパー(Semperoper)(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden, Germany(Stefan Meierさん)

The famous Semperoper. Especially famous from german beer advertisings

  • Loved to be there!
  • Budget:13USD

Frauenkirche Saxony, Germany

聖母教会(Frauenkirche)(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden, Germany(Stefan Meierさん)

The amazingly rebuilt Frauenkirche. Being totally destroyed after the second World War

  • Loved to be there!
  • Budget:0USD

Pillnitz Saxony, Germany

Pillnitz(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden, Germany(Stefan Meierさん)

Pillnitz Castle is very nicely situated at the banks of the elbe River. A great place to escape busy city life in Dresden Downtown

  • Loved to be there!
  • Budget:5USD

Kathedrale Ss. Trinitatis Saxony, Germany

Kathedrale Ss. Trinitatis(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden, Germany(Stefan Meierさん)

Nightly Views of Dresden are magic. As the catholic church in the picture.

  • Loved to be there!

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