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Isabella  Mindiukさんのログブック(旅行記)「Rechitsa, Belarus」

Rechitsa, Belarus

2009-07-24 - 2009-07-24 5 483 0
  • Belarus

Journey through the vast country. Lovely town Rechitsa in the Gomel region is situated on the banks of the Dniepr.



Рэчыца ホメリ, ベラルーシ

Рэчыца(ホメリ, ベラルーシ)|Rechitsa, Belarus(Isabella  Mindiukさん)

Lovely town Rechitsa in the Gomel region is situated on the banks of the Dniepr. Resting place in the park

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Летний бар Речица ホメリ, ベラルーシ

Летний бар Речица(ホメリ, ベラルーシ)|Rechitsa, Belarus(Isabella  Mindiukさん)

Lovely town Rechitsa in the Gomel region is situated on the banks of the Dniepr. Can you imagine Rechitsa without beer?

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2013-05-12 - 2013-05-12

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  • Johan Harlikovitch
Half a day in nice town on the Sozh. It has large park area with many attractions: palace, church, swans, river.

作者: Johan Harlikovitch

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2011-04-21 - 2014-08-06

  • 15
  • Katya Sondak
Там, где я живу. Места, люди, события и многое другое.

作者: Katya Sondak

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ベラルーシ ヨーロッパ最後の独裁国家 首都ミンスク滞在

ベラルーシ ヨーロッパ最後の独裁国家 首都ミンスク滞在

2007-07-14 - 2007-07-17

  • 23
  • Shohei Watanabe
ソ連崩壊後ルカシェンコ大統領が独裁者と君臨、ヨーロッパ最後の独裁者といわれています。 しかし、国民の科学技術の水準は高く、ボーイング社をはじめ世界各国の企業が開発拠点を置きベラルーシ人の高い能力を評価しています。 渡航した2007年当時は学生の反政府デモが鎮圧されるなどキナ臭い空気も漂っていました。 日本ではあまりなじみのないヨーロッパのこの国に行ってみました。 写真

作者: Shohei Watanabe

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I love travel

I love travel

2014-08-12 - 2014-08-12

  • 11
  • Aliaksandr Varatnikoŭ
my album of photographs from travels in Belarus and not only :) Minsk, Mogilev, moscow, Bialystok :)

作者: Aliaksandr Varatnikoŭ

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The West of Belarus

The West of Belarus

2014-08-11 - 2014-08-11

  • 5
  • Aliaksandr Martsynkevich
My journey to the west of Belarus. Herviaty, Soly, Baruny, Ashmyany.

作者: Aliaksandr Martsynkevich

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Belarus, Grodno, Nezvish.

Belarus, Grodno, Nezvish.

2014-05-26 - 2014-05-27

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  • Jasmine White
It was really spontaneous trip, but very memorable. Since before that I have rarely been able to get out, then my first choice of independent travel has become a point located not so far from my hometown. I never thought that Belarus can see something really worthwhile, but what I saw surprised me. It changed my opinion. Such a scale, such beauty. All like breathing history. Studying the History of Belarus in the school, I have never come across Shults, and saw with my own eyes I realized that we were just not nobody knows. I really want to get people from all over the world know that we exist and planning your vacation, could always take in mind our Belarusian beauty

作者: Jasmine White

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Mir and Nesvish Castle

Mir and Nesvish Castle

2014-07-27 - 2014-07-27

  • 5
  • Леша Мацук
Fortification and residence in an urban village World Grodno region. Architectural monument, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (2000).It is very beautiful and powerful structure, having been there, you will not regret it. I loved it, will be back there again.

作者: Леша Мацук

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Work and party

Work and party

2014-08-04 - 2014-08-04

  • 6
  • Anastasia  Levanenko
Как я писала ранее, моя работа - моя страсть) Поэтому все прелести, которые она дарит, я поместила здесь) Это и вечеринка с неограниченным количеством рома, и рабочие моменты, на которых мы мысленно перемещаемся в поездку)

作者: Anastasia Levanenko

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Rechitsa, Belarus Rechitsa, Belarus

Rechitsa, Belarus トップへ