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Magdalena Gieloさんのログブック(旅行記)「Travels」


2008-12-08 - 2014-05-055 Episodes
Magdalena Gielo
Travel Collector
Magdalena Gielo
  • 20s / female

My travels. This is only few, but the best in my life.Exciting.

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Day 12008/12/08

dog square Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

dog square(マゾフシェ, ポーランド)|Travels(Magdalena Gieloさん)

This is a sculpture of dog. Great dog in my neighborhood.

  • Loved to be there!

Day 1372009/04/23

garden Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

garden(マゾフシェ, ポーランド)|Travels(Magdalena Gieloさん)

It's a nice flower in my town. You can see it in st church

  • Loved to be there!

Day 7942011/02/09

Amster Apartment North Holland, Netherlands

Amster Apartment(北ホラント, オランダ)|Travels(Magdalena Gieloさん)

Sex Museum in Amsterdam. Awesome experience from my entire life. Great city

  • Loved to be there!

Day 17592013/10/01

Alexanderplatz Berlin, Germany

アレクサンダー広場(Alexanderplatz)(ベルリン, ドイツ)|Travels(Magdalena Gieloさん)

Berlin and a carousele. you need to see it. 3 days trip.

  • Loved to be there!

Day 19752014/05/05

Angeloktisti Larnaca, Cyprus

Angeloktisti(ラルナカ, キプロス)|Travels(Magdalena Gieloさん)

Old Church in Larnaka Cyprus. Built in 15 century. So many years and great weather.

  • Loved to be there!

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