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Maria Kruglovaさんのログブック(旅行記)「In love with Portugal」

In love with Portugal

2014-07-15 - 2014-07-28 10 929 3

I am absolutely in love with Portugal and in the small town of Tavira in the south of Portugal!



ベレン地区(Belm) リスボン, ポルトガル

ベレン地区(Belm)(リスボン, ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん)

This is Torre de Belém in Belem area of Lisbon. Beautiful tower, built to protect the entrance to the harbor, was the starting point for many sailors, going on a long voyage, and the last thing they saw before sailing.

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4月25日橋(Ponte 25 de Abril) ポルトガル

4月25日橋(Ponte 25 de Abril)(ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん)

The 25 de Abril Bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril "25th of April Bridge", is a suspension bridge connecting the city of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, to the municipality of Almada on the left (south) bank of the Tejo river.

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Cristo Rei セトゥーバル, ポルトガル

Cristo Rei(セトゥーバル, ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん)

Perched on the 82-meter pedestal above the river and recalling the miracle of the world in Rio de Janeiro, the statue of Christ in Lisbon (Cristo Rei Statue) is one of the reasons to take a ferry across the river Tagus.

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リスボン水族館(Oceanário de Lisboa) リスボン, ポルトガル

リスボン水族館(Oceanário de Lisboa)(リスボン, ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん)

In Lisbon Oceanarium is a huge number of aquariums, which are home to a huge amount of marine life. Of these, about 15,000 fish of 470 species. This stingrays, fish, barracuda, tropical fish, anchovies and many others. They live in the central aquarium. Visitors will be very interesting marine mammals.

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サンタ・ジュスタのリフト (Elevador de Santa Justa)/カルモのリフト(Elevador do Carmo) リスボン, ポルトガル

サンタ・ジュスタのリフト (Elevador de Santa Justa)/カルモのリフト(Elevador do Carmo)(リスボン, ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん)

Lovely views over Lisbon opened with viewing platforms, which in nemalo.Odnim of the most popular places for admiring views of the capital of Portugal, thanks to a good location and opening out panoramas, became the hill in the park Sao Pedro de Alcantara

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Pego do Inferno (Asseca) ファーロ, ポルトガル

Pego do Inferno (Asseca)(ファーロ, ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん) - 02

We have so long get to this place! It is 8 km from Tavira. But it was a great trip. We have seen so many orange trees. A lot of figs, pomegranates, lemons.

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Aquashow AquaPark ファーロ, ポルトガル

Aquashow AquaPark(ファーロ, ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん)

The park Aquashow is the largest wave pool in Portugal - there will be fun for adults and children. If you are tired of the waves, you can relax by the pool with calm water or in the jacuzzi.

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タヴィラ(Tavira) ファーロ, ポルトガル

タヴィラ(Tavira)(ファーロ, ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん)

Beautiful clean beaches and clear water in the Atlantic Ocean! In late July, there were not many people on the beach and we had a lovely holiday!

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Ilha De Tavira ファーロ, ポルトガル

Ilha De Tavira(ファーロ, ポルトガル)|In love with Portugal(Maria Kruglovaさん)

To the beach you need to get on a big boat, the boat leaves every hour and takes about 15 minutes

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2013-07-16 - 2013-07-17

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  • Valentin Ranshakov
It was a wonderful trip to Portugal on our honeymoon. I did not expect that so enjoy!

作者: Valentin Ranshakov

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Family holidays

Family holidays

2014-08-11 - 2014-08-11

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  • Eliasz Boruń
Portugal is one of our favourite family holiday destinations – no coincidence perhaps that it’s also considered a great-value European destination. In the south we love the Algarve’s sun-drenched beaches - make sure you venture to its hidden interior for tranquil leafy valleys, excellent local produce and untouched small villages. The wild west coast from Sagres to Setúbal has sandy stretches and blustery seas for wind- and kite-surfing lessons. The unspoiled Alentejo has whitewashed hilltowns and sweeping savannahs ideal for hiking, biking and horse riding. In the grand old cities of Lisbon and Porto, where buildings are dressed in vintage tiles, you can ride clackety trams, boat down the Douro and visit ancient ruins.

作者: Eliasz Boruń

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2012-09-13 - 2012-09-21

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  • Silva
リスボンからポルトガルを縦断して、サンティアゴデコンポステーラ(Santiago de Compostela)まで、ビールとサングリアとワインの旅。

作者: Silva

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2014-05-25 - 2014-06-08

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  • Yuka Hayashi

作者: Yuka Hayashi

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2014-02-02 - 2014-02-07

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  • Yohei Fujikula

作者: Yohei Fujikula

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2011-05-05 - 2011-05-05

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  • Satoshi Takamura
  • Io Takamura
世界一周旅行5ヶ国目 2011年5月5日(水) 滞在時間:0日と8時間20分/0泊

作者: Satoshi Takamura

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Traveling from North to South of the Portugal. (Obidos-Evora)

Traveling from North to South of the Portugal. (Obidos-Evora)

2012-10-23 - 2012-10-25

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  • MAHO
ポルトガルの旅後編。 最終日は1人ツアー延泊して、レガレイラ宮殿に。ちなみにパンフレットの記載は[most surprising and enigmatic monuments of the Sintra Cultural Landscape.]。

作者: MAHO

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In love with Portugal In love with Portugal

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