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Slavik Ivanovさんのログブック(旅行記)「Dresden in August」

Dresden in August

2013-08-27 - 2013-08-276 Episodes
Slavik Ivanov
Travel Collector
Slavik Ivanov
  • 30s / male
  • Germany
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In August we had been visited a few german cities. It was interesting jorney but the most of all we like Dresden!

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Day 12013/08/27

Theaterplatz Saxony, Germany

テアテールプラッツ(Theaterplatz)(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden in August(Slavik Ivanovさん)

Modern public transport in Dresden

  • Loved to be there!

Frauenkirche Saxony, Germany

聖母教会(Frauenkirche)(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden in August(Slavik Ivanovさん)

Very big church renovated only few years ago

  • Loved to be there!

Dresdner Zwinger Saxony, Germany

ツヴィンガー宮殿(Dresdner Zwinger)(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden in August(Slavik Ivanovさん)

Nice weather in Zwinger - palace and park

  • Loved to be there!

Semperoper Saxony, Germany

ゼンパー・オーパー(Semperoper)(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden in August(Slavik Ivanovさん)

Beautiful opera over the night sky!

  • Loved to be there!

Kunsthofpassage Saxony, Germany

クンストホーフパサージュ(Kunsthofpassage)(ザクセン, ドイツ)|Dresden in August(Slavik Ivanovさん)

Famous Art street in city center

  • Loved to be there!

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