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2005-01-17 - 2014-06-18 6 462 0

beautiful panorama of Paris, sunset in Edinburg, delicious thai soup, somewhere in the desert of Wadi Rum, Old Beijing in the summer







Hiking the Westhighland Way 2013

Hiking the Westhighland Way 2013

2013-08-20 - 2013-08-26

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  • Arvid Perleberg
Last september we decided to walk up the 100 miles from Milngavie to Fort William konwn as the first part of the West Highland Way...

作者: Arvid Perleberg

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2013-10-07 - 2013-10-09

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  • Tomasz Mas
najlepsza europejka (o ile tak mozna nazwac) stolica jaka widzialem, naprawde polecam edynburg!

作者: Tomasz Mas

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West Highland Way, Scotland

West Highland Way, Scotland

2014-05-30 - 2014-06-04

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  • Jan Wessels
In May 2014, I flew to Scotland with two friends to finish the West Highland Way, a 96 miles hiking route which starts in the north of Glasgow and ends in Fort William. It was a great challenge and we have admired Scotland's beautiful landscapes. It was quite nice to come in contact with all the other guys who are with us on the famous route and we had a lot of interesting encounters. All in all, a very nice trip!

作者: Jan Wessels

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Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain

Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain

2013-10-25 - 2013-10-29

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  • Zbyszek Wieczorek
Me and my girlfriend went to visit our friend in exile and by the way sightseeing

作者: Zbyszek Wieczorek

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The great city of Edinburgh - taste of Scotland on a short visit

The great city of Edinburgh - taste of Scotland on a short visit

2014-07-12 - 2014-07-12

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  • Ania Jastrzebska
Edinburgh is a perfect city for a short trip. It's not very big so you can easily visit its main attractions on foot and get a quick taste of Scotland. Of course, if you have more time than a day, you won't be bored here as well. This logbook gives the idea how to actively spend a day in Edinburgh but definitely it doesn't cover all the city has to offer.

作者: Ania Jastrzebska

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Viaje a Dublin

Viaje a Dublin

2013-04-07 - 2013-04-08

  • 12
  • Silvia Pons
Hace un año decidí ponerme a prueba conmigo misma y emprender un viaje a Irlanda(DUBLíN), una ciudad donde la música es su gran anfitrión, cualquier esquina de esa ciudad te transportaba al puro rock and roll, y la gente muy agradable, encontré bastante gente hispana y mi inglés apurado me las pude apañar sin problemas.. Un viaje único del cual aprendí muchas cosas, entre otras a buscarme la vida y hablar inglés por narices.. Espero poder volver , pero esta vez con mi Luisete...

作者: Silvia Pons

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Scotland 12 & 13

Scotland 12 & 13

2012-11-24 - 2013-06-05

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  • Thiemo Eberle
Scotland trip during an international Voluntary service

作者: Thiemo Eberle

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短期留学 Scotland

短期留学 Scotland

2014-08-09 - 2014-08-11

  • 3
  • Mami  Fukuda

作者: Mami Fukuda

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