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Konrad Głさんのログブック(旅行記)「Lisbon」


2014-06-14 - 2014-06-15 5 640 1
Konrad Gł
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Konrad Gł
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  • Portugal
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This was a weekend trip to Lisbon, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and one I have not yet seen. I had high expectations because of all I already heard about this place. I decided to stay in Barro Alto as it was the most vibrant part of the city, centrally located and well connected to other parts of Lisbon. Three days went by quick and left me astounded by the charm of Lisbon. It really is great wheter one is into partying, sightseeing or just plain chilling out with a great cup of coffee in one of many surrounding cafes.

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Day 12014/06/14

Arco da Rua Augusta Lisbon, Portugal

Arco da Rua Augusta(リスボン, ポルトガル)|Lisbon(Konrad Głさん)

This is how you enter Commercio Place - walking Rua Augusta towards the Arch.

  • Loved to be there!

Day 22014/06/15

Bairro Alto Lisbon, Portugal

バイロ・アルト(Bairro Alto)(リスボン, ポルトガル)|Lisbon(Konrad Głさん)

Taken from one of the top -roof restaurants in Barro Alto.

  • Loved to be there!

Bairro Alto Lisbon, Portugal

バイロ・アルト(Bairro Alto)(リスボン, ポルトガル)|Lisbon(Konrad Głさん) - 02

One of the narrow and charming streets in Barro Alto.

  • Loved to be there!

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