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Linh Tranさんのログブック(旅行記)「Kamakura - Enoshima」

Kamakura - Enoshima

2016-04-09 - 2016-04-0930 Episodes
Linh Tran
Travel Collector
Linh Tran
  • 20s / female
  • Japan
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Another Saturday wandering with my Roomie. We chose Kamakura and Enoshima after delaying for long time. And It's the end of Sakura Season.
They offer some free passes to go from Tokyo to Kamakura or Enoshima which cover the use of public transportations around Enoshima and Kamakura as well. But we didn't buy it. For wanderers like us, walking is the best way to capture the ordinary of the places that give you more understandings of their local life, besides the tourist attractions.
It took us only 75 minutes to reach Kamakura Station from Yoyogi. And by the time we arrived, everything had just started, as usual, 10am.

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Day 12016/04/09

海光山 長谷寺 Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

海光山 長谷寺(神奈川県, 日本)|Kamakura - Enoshima(Linh Tranさん)

There was one thing which is very dumb about us. We can walk many rounds on one road just to go to places. We can't decide at the beginning but also we can't miss the places. But we were happy walking together. Good exercise people!

  • Loved to be there!

KAMAKURA ESPRESSO CASA Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

KAMAKURA ESPRESSO CASA(神奈川県, 日本)|Kamakura - Enoshima(Linh Tranさん)

Wanderers and Coffee Lovers.
This small town is full of hipster cafes which made me hate myself so much for not being able to try them all.

  • Loved to be there!

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