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Linh Tranさんのログブック(旅行記)「Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)」

Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)

2015-10-29 - 2016-01-21 7 720 4
  • Japan

You might find me ridiculous when I came to Japan but went on a hunt for burgers not ramen or sushi. If you are a big fan of burgers, you will definitely try to find the best burgers in town whenever you go.
Thinking of Japan, of course the first thing will never be burgers but manga, anime and the incredible sushi,... But today, Tokyo or Japan in general is the biggest cross-cultural city in the world where you enjoy in so many different ways but they still keep the best for their unique culture.
My burgers adventure in Tokyo is one of many reasons for me to fall in love with Japan.



ARMS Park Side Burger Shop (アームズ 代々木) 東京都, 日本

ARMS Park Side Burger Shop (アームズ 代々木)(東京都, 日本)|Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

I roamed around Yoyogi area in a sunny day but actually didn't about finding ARMS. But all of a sudden I stopped in front of their small restaurant and couldn't help coming right in and treated myself with a cheese burgers.
Patty was not too thick, but juicy and with every single bite you can feel the precise flavor of the beef with perfect combination of other ingredients.
I like their buns the most. Very soft but kinda crispy outside.
All burgers will always come with fries!
I like small restaurant like ARMS' because it brings you a cozy atmosphere to have a nice chat with your company and enjoy the burgers even by yourself.

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J.S.BURGERS CAFE 新宿店 東京都, 日本

J.S.BURGERS CAFE 新宿店(東京都, 日本)|Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

I tried to drag my friend to a J.S. Burgers because she was so confused to choose what to eat as usual. And I mean if I'm the one to decide the food, 70% of the time it would be burgers lol
This is a big restaurant for burgers and honestly I was afraid that the quality might not be as good as others unique burgers' places since they have been doing good business and become more like a brand of fast food with large restaurant and located in central locations like Shinjuku or Harajuku...
But then JS did not disappoint me and satisfy me with their special JS Burger while my friend got Avocado and Ham Burger.
The best of my burgers is their special sauce. It was a bit sour but it gave the patty additional sweetness.

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ブラッカウズ (BLACOWS) 東京都, 日本

ブラッカウズ (BLACOWS)(東京都, 日本)|Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

BLACOWS is recommended by many people so I expected to have the best burgers in town here. But then the expectation was a bit hurt lol.
I had Avocado Burgers because Im a huge fan of Avocado. Maybe I'm the only one who rates only 3 stars for burgers here. The good point was the cuteness of the burgers and their fries.
The patty has light flavor but actually I could have a very fresh sweetness of the beef which I enjoy the most.

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Burger Mania Ebisu (バーガーマニア恵比寿店) 東京都, 日本

Burger Mania Ebisu (バーガーマニア恵比寿店)(東京都, 日本)|Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

That's exactly what I shouted and embarrassed my friend at the restaurant lol.
I love Cinnamon Apple Buns but Cinnamon Burgers is a totally different story!
But I must say IT'S THE BEST BURGER I've ever had. Mania made a huge success with the combination of my two all-time favorites. Cant ask for more!
Cinnamon Apple with Cheese melting over the juicy tasty patty ... oh!
The only thing made me upset was the light of the restaurant! lol Im so lame. Sorry! Will come back soon to take better photos.
And this is a MUST-TRY burger in Tokyo!

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The Great Burger 東京都, 日本

The Great Burger(東京都, 日本)|Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

Ben was so craving for a Double Cheese Burger so yeah he got it while I had Avocado Pineapple Burger!
The best thing about Burger is that you have different topping to give your burger the best flavor but just as simple and authentic as this cheese burger is good enough to make you crazy.

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7025 Franklin Ave. 東京都, 日本

7025 Franklin Ave.(東京都, 日本)|Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

I had a cozy late dinner with Maxime on Christmas and yeah, I decided the place! It's not like hitting the road from Gotanda station and you will see Franklin right there. We need to walk to the alleys to find it. I kinda like this kind of restaurant. A place feel like home!
I had Mushroom Burger as recommendation from the waitress. It really warmed me up and pleased my stomach.
But there was no fries coming with the burgers which I got upset for 5 seconds lol

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KUA`AINA 青山本店 東京都, 日本

KUA`AINA 青山本店(東京都, 日本)|Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

I became busy like a workaholic!
Couldn't party on my birthday because of school, internship interview and then part time job at night! So after finishing the interview with kinda good sign from the company, I bought myself an Avocado. Hawaiian burger was very simple, not much special in taste but the buns (y) It makes KUA'AINA different from other places.

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美瑛、富良野、旭川と札幌、北の大地を満喫する旅 Jul.2014

美瑛、富良野、旭川と札幌、北の大地を満喫する旅 Jul.2014

2014-07-06 - 2014-07-08

  • 16
  • momocol

作者: momocol

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  • 7944

【小麦アレルギーだからこそヘルシーに生きて行ける】Eat Gluten Free In Tokyo

【小麦アレルギーだからこそヘルシーに生きて行ける】Eat Gluten Free In Tokyo

2014-08-08 - 2014-08-18

  • 6
  • Yumi Nakamura
グルテンとは、小麦、大麦、ライ麦などから生成されるタンパク質の一種です。このタンパク質に対して抵抗力を失われてしまうのが、セリアック病(シリアック病)やグルテン不耐症などの、免疫反応が引き金になって起こる自己免疫疾患です。 グルテンフリーは表記通りグルテンが含まれていない食べ物の事を指します。海外に行けば、お菓子の袋などをよく注意して見てみるとグルテンフリーと書いてるお菓子や食べ物がたくさんあります。通常グルテンフリーの食べ物は普通のお菓子からグルテンを抜いているので若干高めに売られています。ですのでスーパーなどで通常のお菓子より高めだなと思ったらもしかしたらグルテンフリーかもしれません。 アメリカ大陸やヨーロッパ諸国での知名度は高いのですが日本やアジア諸国ではあまりポピュラーではありません。聞くところによると、オランドやカナダはほぼどのレストランでもグルテンフリーのメニューがもうけられているらしいです。 とのことで海外から日本に訪れるセリアック病の方々は大変困ります。基本日本の食べ物はグルテン入っていないだろうと想定してやってくるのですが実は日本の料理に欠かせない醤油の中にグルテンが含まれているため、食べれるものが限られていしまいます。 今回ドイツ人の友人が日本に2週間遊びに来ていたのですが、セリアック病だったため、東京にあるわずかなグルテンフリーのレストランを数ヶ所訪れて来ました。

作者: Yumi Nakamura

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  • 3709



2012-06-12 - 2012-06-13

  • 6
  • Raúl Peralta
A surprising trip to the amazing Tokyo! Temples, stations and food :)

作者: Raúl Peralta

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  • 2965



2013-05-12 - 2013-05-12

  • 11
  • Cassie Taurus

作者: Cassie Taurus

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桜 -Ohanami2014- Tokyo&Fukushima

桜 -Ohanami2014- Tokyo&Fukushima

2014-03-31 - 2014-04-20

  • 34
  • yokoichi

作者: yokoichi

  • 8
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ニキ・ド・サンファル展 in 国立新美術館

ニキ・ド・サンファル展 in 国立新美術館

2015-09-17 - 2015-09-17

  • 5
  • Shizuko Iki
ニキの内覧会、レセプションにて。 ニキ・ド・サンファル展に行ってきました。一人のフランス人女性アーティストの人生は旅そのものだと感じました。

作者: Shizuko Iki

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2013-05-26 - 2013-05-27

  • 18
  • Masaki Iwamoto
ひょっこりひょうたん島のモデルにもなった?と言われるこの島。 東京からは飛行機で40分で行けちゃいます。 釣りして、登山して、滝見て、温泉入って。 大自然の中でリフレッシュできました。 5月はまだ海に入るには少し寒かったので、次は暖かいときに行って、ダイビングとかしてみたいです!

作者: Masaki Iwamoto

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Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated) Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)

Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated) トップへ