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Linh Tranさんのログブック(旅行記)「Linh in Japan (to be updated)」

Linh in Japan (to be updated)

2015-09-01 - 2016-05-22 48 716 8

I got a chance to study in Japan for a year. I am glad that I took the chance right when I saw it. I would regret if I didn't.
Japan! Here I have fun, here I laugh, here I cry, here I love and be loved.
This is an overview of my year in Japan. For more details of my journeys, links will be attached in captions of photos.
Let's start!



Narita International Airport (NRT) 千葉県, 日本

Narita International Airport (NRT)(千葉県, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

Finally I arrived in Land of The Sunrise after almost 10 hours from Vietnam. I bought Thai Airways' ticket and transited at Suvarnabhumi Airport. It took only 2 hours so it was totally fine, no rush!

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お台場海浜公園 東京都, 日本

お台場海浜公園(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

I regretted not using 3-day ticket. But Im glad that I made it there after running like crazy from school just to make sure that I wouldn't miss the best performances lol
EDM drives me insane =))

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横浜港 大さん橋 国際客船ターミナル 神奈川県, 日本

横浜港 大さん橋 国際客船ターミナル(神奈川県, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

A sunny day in Yokohama!
I took a friend from CouchSurfing to Yokohama and it was also my first time here. Such a great day to relax under the sunlight and enjoy the breeze ^^

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鹿沼公園 神奈川県, 日本

鹿沼公園(神奈川県, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

One of the best thing in Japan I've had is Karaoke the whole night! I love singing lol! It doesn't matter if your voice is not that beautiful. We always have good time in karaoke haha :))

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中禅寺湖 (Lake Chūzenji) 栃木県, 日本

中禅寺湖 (Lake Chūzenji)(栃木県, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

Before starting my part-time job I decided to travel to Nikko just to relax and be prepared for being stuck up in the future.
The weather almost killed me cuz I didn't prepare for that freaking crazy wind T.T Oh dear, from now on Im gonna check the weather carefully! I mean I have to!
But still Nikko was just so beautiful that I turned out to be a silly girl with that pose lol.

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渋谷 (Shibuya) 東京都, 日本

渋谷 (Shibuya)(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

My friend from Vietnam had a short visit in Tokyo and I made him my model at Shibuya Crosswalk lol!

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Mount Takao 東京都, 日本

Mount Takao(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

Im always in need of an escape during busy schedule! I chose to get away from the city. My Columbian friend joined me to a trip to Mt. Takao!

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多摩センター駅 (Tama Center Sta.) 東京都, 日本

多摩センター駅 (Tama Center Sta.)(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん) - 02

It was taken in December but as you can see, the Autumn leaves were still there. I helped my friend with photoshoot for her Beauty Contest and I chose Tama Park. We were lucky that Autumn was waiting for us :)

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鍋割山 神奈川県, 日本

鍋割山(神奈川県, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

We got a plan to go snow boarding but it was cancelled cuz there was no snow for us lol. Instead we went to Nabewariyama. I was freezed on the top but Im glad we made it there. People come here and enjoy udon but we were unlucky that the shop owner said NO to us! He got mad also! Oh well Even Japanese can't convince him so I had no choice but some chocolate for lunch. Sad story! Be prepared people! It's worth trying udon there but just in case, ...

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東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) 東京都, 日本

東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree)(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

My Dutch brother came to Japan and we went to see Tokyo Skytree. It was my first time since I got to Japan lol. Didn't do up though T.T

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芦ノ湖 (Lake Ashinoko) 神奈川県, 日本

芦ノ湖 (Lake Ashinoko)(神奈川県, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

I could do anything on New year Eve except for cooking Soba as Japanese Tradition because of my cold. So I consider my New Year starting on the January 2nd when I had my first tip of 2016 to Hakone. Another escape lol. It was a day trip and a good choice if you don't really have time!

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Shibuya Nonbei 東京都, 日本

Shibuya Nonbei(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

We went to Nonbei Yokocho to have some drink in a very small bar. The best thing is that all the bars are very small, and can not have more than 10 customers. You can find any type of bar here from traditional Japanese bar where the owner can't speak English and serve yaki soba or udon right in front of you, to a very hipster bar with loud music,... In some bars which open till late and have music you need to pay the extra fee other than your drinks. It's not a pricey places and you should come once when you're in Shibuya.
Drink: 500-1000yen
Food: 500-1200yen

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ナンジャタウン (Namjatown) 東京都, 日本

ナンジャタウン (Namjatown)(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

To be honest we didn't know why we decided to come here but we did. Namjatown was cute and if you travel with your kids, this is not a bad idea to take them to.
Ticket: 500yen for adult
300 yen for kids

ナンジャ餃子スタジアム 東京都, 日本

ナンジャ餃子スタジアム(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

We love Gyoza and really wanted to have a big meals full of gyoza here at the Gyoza Museum. But I recommend not to come! We have so many good places in Tokyo to have Gyoza. This is more like a just-to-see place.

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戸狩温泉スキー場 (Togari Onsen Ski Resort) 長野県, 日本

戸狩温泉スキー場 (Togari Onsen Ski Resort)(長野県, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

I like taking a random break to refresh. This time I decided to go snow boarding for the first time in my life and I had so much fun.
My friend helped me to book a tour in Togari Onsen Ski Resort.
Price: 18600yen 2 days 1 night + 1000yen (Dinner + Breakfast)

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古桑庵 東京都, 日本

古桑庵(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

After coming back to Tokyo from snowboarding with a sore body, I went to KOSOAN to relax while enjoying Japanese tea. A traditional must-visit tea room is right here.
Price: 500-1000yen/set

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森美術館 (Mori Art Museum) 東京都, 日本

森美術館 (Mori Art Museum)(東京都, 日本)|Linh in Japan (to be updated)(Linh Tranさん)

Takashi Murakami: 500 Arhats
We went to Mori Art Museum to see the biggest exhibition here which lasts 5 months.
(10/2015 - 3/2016)