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Linh Tranさんのログブック(旅行記)「Egypt - Happy Time」

Egypt - Happy Time

2014-07-01 - 2014-08-14 29 318 3
Linh Tran
Linh Tran
  • 20代 / 女性

Vacations are one of the most awaited events for a student. Nothing but only a dose of vacation can help you get over all the stressful stuffs that happened the last semester. And this summer vacation, I thought of doing something out of the box. With an aim to bring an impact in the society and develop myself as a being, and of course to explore a new and wonderful place, I applied for an AIESEC Global Exchange Program to Egypt. Egyptian Civilization is the mother of all the civilizations. It is the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza. Plus, AIESEC in Egypt had loads of job opening in social sector. With all this in mind, I applied for a project called Educulture, to teach English to the refugee kids from war torn countries like Syria and South Sudan. Tadamon Council was the NGO I was supposed to work for.
Six weeks is not too long but if you know how to appreciate every single moment like I did in my trip, you can have a perfect time ever in your life. Living with strangers, taking care of each other as a family, working with all your passion, travelling with friends, no plan prepared, having fun all day long and falling in love with a great guy in his country... that’s my life in Egypt. There are also some unavoidable problems but you know, shit always happen, this is the way you learn how to deal with it and enjoy your time as much as you can.
Now, I know that I have so many homes away from home and so many friends all over the world, that I’m sure I’ll have acquaintances in almost half of the world! Chinese, Australian, Indian, Mexican, Swiss, Indonesian, Brazilian, Italian, Serbian, Portuguese, Turkish, English, Egyptian, ah! The list is never ending. This trip gave me friends whom I’m never going to forget and people I’m going to be with for the rest of my life.
There are people who just talk about making an impact and do nothing about it. But here in AIESEC, you actually get a chance to do something which can change others life and most importantly, your own life, and, in true terms gives you a chance to make an impact in society. I have had my share of fun and experience which I’m going to speak about for the rest of my life. I urge each and every student to go on a Global Exchange Program, and trust me, the experience, the fun and all the memories that lies ahead are good enough to be cherished for the rest of your life.
“You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”



Cairo International Airport - Terminal 3 カイロ, エジプト

Cairo International Airport - Terminal 3(カイロ, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん)

So I have arrived in Cairo after 9-hour flight from Bangkok. There so many different tickets for you to choose. I chose to fly to Bangkok and stayed for 1 day then flew directly to Cairo. and I had to pay about $800. Fair enough people. Egyptair was not too bad lol. But If you buy tickets earlier you might have chance to fly with Emirates with lower price ( about $780). I missed it T.T

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  • 予算:800円


El Mesaha Sq. Haram | ميدان المساحة - الهرم ギザ, エジプト

El Mesaha Sq. Haram | ميدان المساحة - الهرم(ギザ, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん) - 02

Aiesec Cairo University prepared for me a 3-bathroom apartment to stay during my 6 weeks and to share with 15 other people. WOW! What a mess. I chose to sleep in the living room and this was my morning view every day. Great experience trust me!
The first two weeks were pretty much utilized in adjusting to the Egyptian lifestyle and to gel in with the other interns. 3-room apartment, 17 people, I had Chinese and Indian interns in majority in my apartment and that’s pretty much how the world population is like! Other than them, there was a Mexican girl named Alejandra, who is now a good friend of mine as we had time together like real sisters roaming around, shopping and gossiping. The people in my apartment also gradually became close to me even when we had conflict which was started by me actually. But after all they became my new family and we started caring and protecting each other like the siblings. Hosting late night ‘Sheesha’ parties in the apartment and teasing and making fun of each other became leisure activities. I slept on the couch in the living room with many other interns. In the beginning it was a bit uncomfortable, but later on, the fun I had with my apartment mates made me forget all that discomfort to such an extent that I actually miss my couch even when I’m sleeping on my comfy king size bed at home.

  • 予算:50円


Khan El Khalili カイロ, エジプト

Khan El Khalili(カイロ, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん)

We roamed around Cairo and found so many interesting things here.
This typical fruits kiosk which were not so expensive and tasted really good


Maadi | المعادي カイロ, エジプト

Maadi | المعادي(カイロ, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん)

Spending time with these little cuties was one of the best part of my days in Egypt. And this is also the main purpose of my stay - teaching them English. They are from South Sudan. Their families came to Egypt hoping to avoid the war happening back home. I love teaching and hugging them everyday.

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Maadi | المعادي カイロ, エジプト

Maadi | المعادي(カイロ, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん) - 02

Everyday after work! My kids loved me simply this way.
Work was a very precious piece of my wonderful picture in Egypt. Even though reaching for work was a little tiring, but as soon as I reached the NGO, my kids around made me forget about all the tiredness and worries. I put all my efforts to teach them the lessons in a fun way. And at the end, I believe my hard work at the NGO is surely going to pay ‘Coz I gave them, all of me’. I’m not racist but honestly I was afraid of coming closer to black people but here I held their hands, kissed and hugged them, took a tons of selfies with them, played game, sang and laughed with them each day... In my last day, they held a surprise farewell party to me. My kids started crying and hugging me so tight that I could feel their heart beating fast for me. I wish I could stay there longer to see those innocent smiles a little more. Leaving the workplace, I took my steps slowly just to feel that area for the last time. I just did not want to leave... I have received so many things from my work, my supporters from the NGO and my kids. I will definitely carry their love with me for the rest of my life. Saying goodbye was never easy, but I promised to see them again, one day not so far.

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Black Desert Matrouh Governorate, エジプト

Black Desert(Matrouh Governorate, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん)

First trip with all of participants.
We went to see Black desert with Black rocks and stones. l among golden sand of Sahara

The price $70 is for the whole trip to Black and white deserts.

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  • 予算:70円


White Dessert ギザ, エジプト

White Dessert(ギザ, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん) - 03

We had a great night together bruhs lol
First time peeing in the middle of nowhere and sleeping like this. Lol We had deep talks also. I miss these guys so much.
At work, in Tadamon Council, I met two great people from Melbourne, Zuhair who was basically from Pakistan and Lichuan from China. Through them, I met their roommate, Zuhab. And this is exactly when my trip to take a crazy and exciting turn! With them I went to all the fun places around Egypt, like the spectacular Black and White Desert where we camped for a night under the beautiful sky, then the sudden trip to the temple city of Aswan, the beautiful beaches of the Red Sea at Sharm-El-Sheikh – the day I got drunk with only one Sakara 10% and at times just hanging out with them in their apartment. Even travelling with them was fun and they made me realise that the fun that you are going to have always depends on the people and the company you are with and if the places you visit are beautiful, it’s just an extra icing on the cake. ‘Bitching’ about someone by sarcastically saying, “Oh Oh Oh Oh!” or coining random terms like ‘beaching’ or ‘pooling’ time, we did a lot of super crazy stuffs and shared some great moments together which I’m never ever going to forget.


ギザ(エジプト)|「So I decided to join an one-day trip to Aswan and spent almost 23 hours on the bus both way. It was so crazy but being crazy means that we d

So I decided to join an one-day trip to Aswan and spent almost 23 hours on the bus both way. It was so crazy but being crazy means that we definitely had memorable trip together.
We took the bus from Cairo Train Station. The ticket was about 80EGP round-trip. There was so many different way to go Aswan but we were in hurry so we decided to pay more than usual.
I woke up on the bus and captured this photo from the window. It was beautiful, wasn't it?

Philae Temple | معبد فيلة 紅海, エジプト

Philae Temple | معبد فيلة(紅海, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん) - 02

This is Philae Temple. We had to ride a boat from the main entrance to a small island to visit the temple.
I forgot to bring my student card so I had to buy normal ticket which was 50 EGP ($7) instead of student ticket (25 EGP/ $3.5). Stupid me huh T.T

  • 予算:7円

Nubian Village | القرية النوبية アスワン, エジプト

Nubian Village | القرية النوبية(アスワン, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん)

We visited an account village in Aswan which nowadays has become a touristic place with hotels and other services. My friend bought a hat and just wore it all the time like that.
They had crocodiles and you can try to hold them. My friends did but I was too scared to try lol.
So actually to just walk around the village you don't have to pay anything.
If you visit a family and spend time with crocodiles just give them like 50EGP to express your thankfulness.

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Sharm El Sheikh | شرم الشيخ South Sinai Governorate, エジプト

Sharm El Sheikh | شرم الشيخ(South Sinai Governorate, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん)

Harlem Shake Squad lol
Before our Mexican princess came back to her country, we went to Sharm El-Sheikh. Yallah!
We took the night bus from Cairo and the ticket was about 140LE round-way.

  • 予算:7円

Royal Oasis South Sinai Governorate, エジプト

Royal Oasis(South Sinai Governorate, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん)

So I tried to book the resort on pagoda right before we checked in. Royal Oasis Naama Bay Resort was pretty nice. They have their own beach, 2 swimming pools, price includes breakfast, 4 minutes walk to the center streets for shopping, food and clubs.

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ギザの大ピラミッド(Great Pyramids of Giza) ギザ, エジプト

ギザの大ピラミッド(Great Pyramids of Giza)(ギザ, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん) - 03

Finally I am here standing next to the Pyramid.
This was my last day in Egypt so I could not have enough time to go inside the pyramids and plus it costs way too much lol.
Entry to the site: 80LE
If you want to go inside each pyramids you need to pay around 300LE more.

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ギザの大ピラミッド(Great Pyramids of Giza) ギザ, エジプト

ギザの大ピラミッド(Great Pyramids of Giza)(ギザ, エジプト)|Egypt - Happy Time(Linh Tranさん) - 02

Mannnn!!! It was scary lol. But then it was more than awesome lol. That guy was so nice as well. So i paid 20LE to ride the camel for like 10 minutes then take photos, record videos.
We had to bargain actually and the price went from 50LE to 20LE.

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初海外個人旅行でエジプト周遊19日間!その1 カイロ・ギザ・ルクソール・アスワン・アブシンベル編

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Egypt - Happy Time Egypt - Happy Time

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