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Travel Logs of "run"

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砂漠を250km走る? 初めて聞いたときに衝撃を受け、あり得ないと思ったこのサハラマラソン。縁あって行くことになり、やってみたらシンプルな生活に魅了されつつ楽しく完走できました。

Kyo Satani

Kyo Satani

2015-04-03 - 2015-04-13 , 11days

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Our first trip to Paris was at 2008. It was bus tour. We had only 5 days and they were so busy with all those tour activities that we hadn't enough time to see Paris in our own way. That's why as soon as we known that my sister would ho there on collaboration lab work in June of 2013 we went there too - to see her and to see Paris. We lived in a very very little apartment but 200 meters away from Eiffel Tower. every morning I went to run. it was amazing! Morning run just at the Eiffel Tower? around it, under it! After run I went to neighbor shop to buy some fresh croissants and bread. All our breakfasts were so tasty! French fresh bread with French cheese with jams and fresh coffee...mmm. We lived like at home! So great experience. We preferred to walk during our trip. Of course we used Metro too but walking in Paris is absolutely amazing thing. From our apartment about 4 kilometers to D'Orsay Museum. Then to St.Germain and furthere and further...Wonderful week!

Mariia Kamenska

Mariia Kamenska

2013-06-04 - 2015-03-23 , 658days

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Travel Logs of "run" Travel Logs of "run"

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