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Directions to Venice China Trip 2008 Start 4/13/2008 Day 1 - Start in encoder on 13/04/2008 Today the great journey starts, by 13 clock we start and we head Aschbach to Phoenix, because we still have some questions. In the late afternoon we are in Aschbach and put us to the place in front of the factory. Day 2 - Aschbach - Ulm We get up extra early so that we come by 7 clock right down to the series. Our questions are answered satisfactorily, the Heki adjusted so that it no longer rattles and then it goes on to Ulm. Here we can easily find the parking space at the Danube stadium, and we explore the local area and walk into town. We go eat first and then to the tourist information. Here we book a city tour. This starts at 14.30 clock, and we are the only ones interested in this today. So we have an exclusive event. The tour guide has a lot of fun to show us everything, so the tour takes a long time, and we are guided by it in all possible angles that do not actually stand on the program. Then we are also done and go back to the car. Day 3 - Ulm Today we take the tram which stops right in place yes. We drive to the main train station and go from there then in the city. Today we have the camera there and go back to the city walk off to take pictures. We go past the town hall to the Fishermen's Quarter for most slanted house that was built directly into the blue and ever-lowered with time. The houses of Gerber are also on the blue. In it the tanned cases were washed and then suspended from the houses. The weather is not that great, it's raining and it's very cool. That's why we go for coffee back to the car and make ourselves comfortable. Day 4 - Lindau This morning it goes on then. We drive to Lake Constance to Lindau. The weather says it's still not good with us. The thermometer bobbing around like at 0-2 º and it's snowing and the mountains of the Bregenz Forest is snow. We go to the campground on the lake and have a pitch in the first lakeside location. Avoid moving the car we then discover that our stairs no longer leaves retract - that's already good go of. We call equal to fetch Council Phoenix. We get the information that it. Nearby, in Kressbronn, a workshop there that could help us there, because it was only the sapwood canceled Our Vision We will then find the workshop and there "we were helped". Within an hour einneuer splint was used, and we have also learned a lot. Now go up the stairs again, and then we go back to the square. Achim makes then a walk and I read comfortably in the car. Day 5 - Lindau This morning we can take it slow and then after breakfast by bus to Lindau on the island. The weather is still cool and windy, but the sun comes out but from time to time. We walk around the island and explore it. We find the City Hall with its murals, clamoring for a restoration. We walk along the harbor m, in the background you can see the snowy mountains and also that the sun is shining. We still eat lunch in Lindau and then go on small lake past back to the bus and drive back to the campsite. Day 6 - 18/04/2008 Locarno Here we go, and we go to Switzerland. Here we buy for our motorhome heavy load discharge for 10 days. The cost of 25 €, and we can thus drive around 10 days in Switzerland or even stand. The weather is good now and we have even 16 º. So it's fun to drive. We set course for the San Bernardino and then come right in the snow. Before we go into the tunnel we take a lunch break in the snow. Then we go into the tunnel, where it is built and it is only a narrow lane available. If you believe on the other hand, the weather was better, so you have guessed wrong. Again, we come fog and snow. We drive to Lake Maggiore to Locarno. Here we find the pitch on which we must now pay nothing. He is pretty close to the lake, and we go on and on, to visit the city. Still, it goes with the weather and we visit the great square with its beautiful houses. We go up to the old town, but then it starts to rain. We take refuge in a café and want to wait until the rain stops. But this is not so, so we take the bus and drive back to the parking lot. Meanwhile, there are nine cars that are here. And it rains all night. Day 7 - 19/04/2008 Cremona Today we want to go to Italy. We take the motorway direction Milan and then to Bologna. In Cremona, we want to look for the parking space, which is very central in the city. We find him also and there are a few Wohnis there. We now have beautiful weather, it is about 17 º, and we look forward properly. On foot we go to the center to the Cathedral. Here, vis a vis sit, drink coffee and look at the cathedral. We also go inside and look at the frescoes. But otherwise is not much to see and we try an ice cream -at this beautiful weather. Then it's back to the car. Day 8 - 20/04/2008 Salo on Lake Garda Sun !!! and spring-like temperatures. We drive to Lake Garda and Salo also found in a parking space at the pool. Some other Wohnis are already there, and we imagine it. Gorgeous weather, the sun and the warm air does soul and body extraordinarily well. We move us, for the first time is a short-sleeved T-shirt to use. We go to the lake, and then we walk along it. Many other people have also come up with the idea. In a beach café we make first break and sit in the sun. We enjoy a snack and the warm sun. So we like life. Afterwards we stroll through the streets and walk past the old palaces and watch towers. In addition, everything's coming up in the prepared buckets Camellia - wonderful. We go back to the car and sit there in the sun and relax. After dinner we go again down to the lake and are now running in the other direction along the shore. Here we find a small restaurant and we enjoy a small glass of Prosecco - you only treat anything -. Along the lake go now the lanterns, and it provides a pretty picture. Day 9 - Venice 21/04/2008 Rain - Rain - Rain. Where is the sun? It's raining cats and dogs, but it helps everything nothing that we now need to Venice. We have to drive about 170 miles and the only in the rain. Now we are at the Camping Fusina and it rains and rains. Achim uses the time for a little nap. It seems that all the participants are there, we were the last. Tonight will be the official program begins at a dinner

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