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Logbooks (Travelogs) about "gaudi"

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行く価値あり!! 「バルセロナ」のB級おすすめスポット!!

行く価値あり!! 「バルセロナ」のB級おすすめスポット!!

2015-07-01 - 2015-07-04

  • 16Episodes
  • Rikiya Ogawa
バルセロナといえば、「サグラダ・ファミリア聖堂」と「グエル公園」が有名ですが、今回は時間があれば行きたい、おすすめの観光スポットをご紹介します!! パリだけじゃない『凱旋門』 郊外の人気スポット『モンセラット』など6カ所!!    『聖地の大聖堂を目指せ!スペイン サンティアゴ・デ・コンポステーラへの巡礼路を歩く!』  → ←      『多くの日本人が長期滞在したくなる街 タイ北部のチェンマイ』  → ←    【動画:バルセロナ】

Travel Collector: Rikiya Ogawa

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2013-06-04 - 2013-06-07

  • 5Episodes
  • Mateusz
I've visited Barcelona in June last year. I highly recommend this city to everyone. You can find here everything what you wish...great beaches, sights and beautiful works of Gaudi with Sagrada Familia on the top. For all football fans - Camp Nou stadium is a mandatory position.

Travel Collector: Mateusz

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Barcelona, summer'13

Barcelona, summer'13

2014-08-12 - 2014-08-12

  • 8Episodes
  • Anastasia  Samoylova
It was actually my first real trip abroad (previously I travel somewhere for education). I would say, for first summer trip it was perfect choice. We (me and Julia) booked the room through the airbnb. It was not in the central part, it was in Gracia, even better - very close to park Guelle and Sagrada.

Travel Collector: Anastasia Samoylova

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Logbooks (Travelogs) about "gaudi" Logbooks (Travelogs) about "gaudi"

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