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EDM世界トップDJが集うAmsterdam Music Festival 2015に参加してきました。 滞在時間17時間のアムステルダム弾丸旅行。フェスだけでなく、アムステルダム特有のRed Light District(飾り窓地区)、コーヒーショップ、Sex Museum等のディープな観光も。チューリップ、運河、ゴッホ美術館、アンネフランクの家の情報はなし!ダンスミュージック大国オランダのディープなカルチャーに触れる旅でした。 <Amsterdam Music Festival> 2015年10月16日(土)- 17日(日) 会場:オランダ アムステルダムアリーナ <公式サイト> <チケット代金(2015年)> 2日券: €110 1日券 FRIDAY: €52,50、SATURDAY: €72,50

Naori Emerson

Naori Emerson

2015-10-17 - 2015-10-18 , 2days

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Recently EDM dominates the Music Industry, people have become the party animals and I am not an exception. After receiving my Visa to come to Japan, I was really lucky that I could buy the last chance ticket for Ultra Japan. Oh well I put many efforts on hunting the ticket from other people and from some black markets but then the magic happened and I was patient enough to wait for that. Ultra Music Festival is for everybody, not just people who like EDM. 39000yen for 3-day ticket! Went crazy with people from all around the world. Shouting Singing Drinking Dancing Crazy photos ... Party is the best when you are with your squad. But it's not a big deal when you're all alone at a EDM concert. And yeah I went there by myself but came home having my party team for the next concert. WORK HARD - PLAY HARDER! Coming to Japan in September? Put Ultra Japan on your list! You will never regret it!

Linh Tran

Linh Tran

2015-09-21 - 2015-09-21 , 1days

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