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Travel Logs of "隠れスポット"

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まだまだ観光地として知られていない未開の地、フィリピン・メルセデス町。 離島の人々に温かく迎えられ、手つかずの自然を満喫し、透明度の非常に高い海に面した白浜の美しいビーチを独り占め!さらに滝へのトレッキングにも挑戦しました。 Mercedes is not yet known as a popular tourist destination. And you better go there before it's known by everyone because white sand beach and super clear ocean are all yours if you visit there NOW. And this place is not just about beaches...I enjoyed trekking to a beautiful falls as well.

Tomoka Aono

Tomoka Aono

2015-04-10 - 2015-04-12 , 3days

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Travel Logs of "隠れスポット" Travel Logs of "隠れスポット"

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