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Us ネバダ州(アメリカ合衆国)の「holidays」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ)


Three day in Las Vegas. I thought this is a place you have to visit once in your life. I do not fancy gambling but I gave LV a try. And I loved it. It is all so pristine, well looked-after and really just walking the strip is sooo pleasurable experience. Not very long but filled with attractions - artists, concerts, and all the places, buildings you know from movies. All of that make Las Vegas trip real fun. Even if not for long (if you are not a gambler), tree days in Las Vegas was really worth my while.

Urszula Głuszczak

Urszula Głuszczak

2014-04-30 - 2014-05-02 , 3days

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ネバダ州 (アメリカ合衆国)で人気の旅行テーマ

> アメリカ合衆国の「holidays」の旅行記
ネバダ州(アメリカ合衆国)の「holidays」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ) ネバダ州(アメリカ合衆国)の「holidays」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ)

ネバダ州(アメリカ合衆国)の「holidays」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ) トップへ