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    うちの大学をただ何となく通過するときに、1台の古き良きマスタングが。よく見てみると、駐車場に何台もとまっている模様。その日は「Car meet」なるものが開催中で、たくさんの車を各々持ってきて、見せ合いっこするイベントなんだってさ。車に興味がある人はぜひ!事前に調べておくのがベスト! I was walking back home and on the way, I found a nicely aged Mustang in a parking lot at my college. I was curious so exploded a little bit more and found out that was a car meet. If you are interested in cars, you should attend the meeting. I recommend to put some research on that before hand.

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    From the travel log 『シアトル Seattle』
    Bellevue College(Washington, United States) Bellevue College(Washington, United States)

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