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Ua Logbooks (Travelogs) about "first" in Ukraine

This is a summary of all the Logbooks (Travelogs) related to first that we have available for the Ukraine area. Please go ahead and click on them if you want to read their contents. Does reading about first in Ukraine make you want to go there too? In that case let's start planning your next trip!

I`m hardcore till I die 666

I`m hardcore till I die 666

2014-07-14 - 2014-08-11

  • 6Episodes
  • Vitya Shurapov
I want to fuck! I want to rock! We trippy mane! Amsterdam- Paris - Barcelona -Berlin-NY-Las Vegas-LA-Tokio-Jeeesus! HitchHiking Squat Vegetarian Local

Travel Collector: Vitya Shurapov

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My world

My world

2013-05-17 - 2014-07-04

  • 5Episodes
  • Katerina Lysiuk
I want to see as many cities. The world is so big and interesting

Travel Collector: Katerina Lysiuk

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2011-09-03 - 2011-09-04

  • 8Episodes
  • Andrey  Sasimovich
Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, is the most beautiful city of all the post – soviet countries. It is a city of everything you least expect. The so called “Mother of all Slavic cities”, steeped in history and rich in culture. Kiev is an ancient city where old meets new and east meets west. Kiev is also known as one of the greenest cities in Europe. A city of romantic parks and leafy tree lined boulevards. A city of fine restaurants and cosy bars, unforgettable nightclubs and quite places to relax.Kiev is a perfect destination for those who want more than just another over-run expensive tourist trap. Ukraine’s tourist industry is in its infancy, a relatively undiscovered jewel. And Kiev offers something for everyone. A friendly city that is vibrant and alive. Visit Kiev and be one of the first to discovering Kiev’s hidden delights.

Travel Collector: Andrey Sasimovich

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Новогоднее путешествие (Карпаты Львов)

Новогоднее путешествие (Карпаты Львов)

2013-12-29 - 2013-12-29

  • 5Episodes
  • Arina Kim
Н е з а б ы в а е м ы й о т д ы х с т о л ь к о в п е ч а т л е н и й и э м о ц и й С к а з к а , с т а в ш а я я в ь ю.

Travel Collector: Arina Kim

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Logbooks (Travelogs) about "first" in Ukraine Logbooks (Travelogs) about "first" in Ukraine

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