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Ua リヴィウ(ウクライナ)の「一人旅」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ)



新田浩之(Nitta Hiroshi)

新田浩之(Nitta Hiroshi)

2015-11-28 - 2015-12-03 , 6days

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Few weeks ago we've come back from a spontaneous trip trough the Western Part of Ukraine. After gathering together in the city centre after a beer or so , we decided that its enough to stay the whole summer in the city and decided to visit several of the most popular places in the western Ukraine, namely: Olesk, Zolochiv, Pidhirci Castles, also Fort in Tarakaniv village and a Pochaiv monastery. The Trip is budget, but those places are worth seeing!

Max Kubik

Max Kubik

2014-07-31 - 2014-08-02 , 3days

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リヴィウ(ウクライナ)の「一人旅」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ) リヴィウ(ウクライナ)の「一人旅」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ)

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