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Turkey - discovering the country

Turkey - discovering the country

2014-06-21 - 2014-06-27

  • 18Episodes
  • Ola Beresh
Turkey is far far more than only well-known All inclusive resorts. This reputation makes Turkey definitely not the most attractive holiday destination. But I was always dreaming to see the country of natural marvels and reach history, the famous beautiful city of Istanbul that unites Asia and Europe, Christianity and Islam, combines diverse cultural and traditional heritage. It was also interesting for me as one of the few countries of first Christians. So, despite the reputation of the resort/sea/beach country I planned my trip to Turkey avoiding sea sides and discovering the country from inside. The impression was unpredictable: wow! I loved it!

Travel Collector: Ola Beresh

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トルコ食紀行 その1

トルコ食紀行 その1

2009-02-07 - 2009-02-16

  • 11Episodes
  • Emi Takaki
「トルコ?私も行きたい!!」男友達2人がトルコ旅行を計画している話に、半ばノリで割り込んだ私(笑) 旅のきっかけは、そんな成り行きだったけど、トルコにすっかり魅了され、その後2回も訪れる大好きな場所になりました。 私を強く引きつけた魅力のひとつは、なんといっても「トルコ料理」。今回は、訪問全3回の1回目で食べたものをご紹介します!

Travel Collector: Emi Takaki

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"turkey" in Nevsehir (Turkey) "turkey" in Nevsehir (Turkey)

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