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Syria EAT in Syria

This is the information we have available about Restaurants and Gourmet Cuisine in the Syria area. It's a list of all the recommended options available or related to Syria. You can choose any option that piques your interest to see more detailed information, like open hours, reservation requirements, and the site's official page, among many other things. Let's see what everyone's saying about the Restaurants and Gourmet Cuisine in Syria so we can pick the best place!

  • Restaurant Selena

    Damascus Governorate, Syria

    Restaurant Selena(Damascus Governorate, シリア)|Damascus(fulixさん)


    • fulix

      fulixWe had brain and guts of goats. But more because i asked for it. They would make a fine western diner as well.

  • Büşra'nın Kahvesi

    Daraa Governorate, Syria

    Büşra'nın Kahvesi(Daraa Governorate, シリア)|旧約聖書を辿るヨルダンとシリアの旅 シリアの首都ダマスカスから世界遺産パルミラへ(Yuichi Kudoさん)


    • Yuichi Kudo

      Yuichi Kudoヨルダンの観光を終えシリアに入ります。まずはボスラへ。世界遺産に登録されている円形競技場を見にいきます。ボスラははナバテア人が造った町で、後にローマの支配下に入り、多数の神殿が造られました。ボスラにはAD2世紀に造られたローマ劇場がほほ完全な形で残っているんです。約1時間かけて見学。その後首都ダマスカスへ。

EAT in Syria EAT in Syria

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