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Ch チューリッヒ(スイス)の「初めての旅」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ)


スイスに留学していた友人から貰った1枚のハガキ。 そのハガキをきっかけに知った街、ルツェルン。 こんなまさに”絵ハガキ”みたいな街があるなら、 是非自分の目で確かめてみようと思い旅に出ました。

nozomi yamamoto

nozomi yamamoto

2012-10-26 - 2012-10-29 , 4days

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I travel to see things I haven't seen before, or to revisit things I loved the first time but don't see very often. I travel to see old friends and make new ones, and to see family. I travel to see and experience things that are different from the things I see and do every day. I travel to learn, and occasionally to teach. To experience art and architecture that are accessible in no other way. I travel to be a better person.

Vladyslav Yakymenko

Vladyslav Yakymenko

2014-06-24 - 2014-09-03 , 72days

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チューリッヒ(スイス)の「初めての旅」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ) チューリッヒ(スイス)の「初めての旅」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ)

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