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Sri Lanka Eastern Province(Sri Lanka)のTHINGS TO DO情報

This is the information we have available about Tourism and Shopping in the Eastern Province(Sri Lanka) area. It's a list of all the recommended touristic spots and shops available or related to Eastern Province(Sri Lanka). You can choose any option that piques your interest to see more detailed information, like open hours and access, among other things. Let's see what everyone's saying about the Tourism and Shopping in Eastern Province(Sri Lanka) so we can schedule our activities!

  • Inginiyagala

    Eastern Province, Sri Lanka

    Inginiyagala(Eastern Province, スリランカ)|ガルオヤロッジで野生動物の隣人に!サファリ&先住民文化体験(Tomoka Aonoさん)


    • Tomoka Aono

      Tomoka Aonoゾウさんがどんどん水辺に近づいてきます。 ダミアンくん曰く、「もうすぐ泳ぐぞ!ゾウが泳ぐ珍しい姿を見られるかもしれない!!」とのこと!! でも私たちがいる限りは泳いでくれないので、一旦この場を離れたら、その隙にゾウさんは泳いで反対岸まで行ってしまいました…泳ぐ姿見れなくて残念。 The elephant came into the water...Damien told me he would be swimming! But unfortunately he swimed to the other side while we went away. Smart guy!!

    • Tomoka Aono

      Tomoka Aonoそしてクジャクも普通に歩いてました。 ボートサファリ、予想以上にすごかった!野生動物たちに興奮しっぱなしでした。 A peacock strolling. The boat safari experience was over my expectation...I was excited with watching wild animals all the time whole time!!

    • Tomoka Aono

      Tomoka Aono…と、思ったら、島の反対側から再び水場に顔を出しました! 水をパシャパシャと足で弾いていて、相変わらずテンション高めというか、幸せそうな野生のゾウさん…かわいい。 But he came out from the other side of the island. He is now playing with water.

THINGS TO DO in Eastern Province (Sri Lanka) THINGS TO DO in Eastern Province (Sri Lanka)

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