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This is a page where you can find photos of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain), trip reviews, comments, and Travel Logs with information and pictures related to Tarragona. If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Catalonia, Spain and saw Tarragona?

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    Visited at 2019.05.21

    この青を見ると、テンション上がります! This is what I was expecting!

    Last updated at 2019.06.05 12:04
    From the travel log 『海を見に日帰りでタラゴナへ。(Day7)』
    Visited at 2019.05.21

    地図もなくやみくもに歩くと、大きな通りへ。カフェで軽食、適当にジェスチャーをしたら、ビールも注いでもらえました。かわいらしいピンチョスと€2。すばらしい。 Walking at random and found a cafe to have snack. Costs me only €2..amazing!

    Last updated at 2019.05.27 16:17
    From the travel log 『海を見に日帰りでタラゴナへ。(Day7)』
    Visited at 2014.07.01


    Last updated at 2019.01.23 05:25
    From the travel log 『Traveling Europe』
    Visited at 2014.06.28

    Cold and crowdless sea in Tarragona So cold you couldn't even swim! Anyway, nice for taking pictures

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 03:50
    From the travel log 『Trip to Milan and several cities of Spain, 8 days, 5 cities』
    Visited at 2019.05.21

    帰りのレンフェの窓から。海岸沿いを行くので、景色が楽しめます。 Enjoyed view from window.

    Last updated at 2019.05.24 12:55
    From the travel log 『海を見に日帰りでタラゴナへ。(Day7)』
    Visited at 2013.09.06

    Gone astray somewhere in Tarragona

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 04:13
    From the travel log 『MISTERIA COSTA DAURADA』
    Tarragona(Catalonia, Spain) Tarragona(Catalonia, Spain)

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