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탑골공원 (Tapgol Park) 탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)

This is a page where you can find photos of 탑골공원 (Tapgol Park) (Seoul, South Korea), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to 탑골공원 (Tapgol Park). If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Seoul, South Korea and saw 탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)?

탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)

  • Park
  • Historic Site
Address 종로구 종로 99
TEL +82 2-731-0534

Episode about 탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)(3 Episodes)

탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)(ソウル, 韓国)|ソウルの伝統にふれて、新たな韓国の魅力を発見の旅!!(Aoi Yosiyukiさん)
Aoi Yosiyuki
Aoi Yosiyuki
Visited on 2007/10/12
Loved to be there!

鍾路(チョンノ)エリアにある「タプコル公園」(別名パゴタ公園) 大理石でできた13層石塔(基壇3層と塔身10層からなる)からこの名がついたとのこと。 3・1運動発祥の地をめぐれる観光地です!

From "ソウルの伝統にふれて、新たな韓国の魅力を発見の旅!!"
탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)(ソウル, 韓国)|30 years' wedding anniversary at Seoul 結婚30周年記念旅行でソウルへ(Hideyuki Yamadaさん)
Hideyuki Yamada
Hideyuki Yamada
Visited on 2016/05/12
Loved to be there!

We had a very gratitude volunteer guide who explained one of Korean unhappy histories during Japanese occupation at Tapgol Park where Korean independent movement had started. This experience was very impressive to us. We felt Japanese should learn about what we had done in Korea during Japanese Imperial army's governance. For making real friends, leaning history of each other's country is the first thing to do.

From "30 years' wedding anniversary at Seoul 結婚30周年記念旅行でソウルへ"
탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)(ソウル, 韓国)|韓国ソウル(Minhyon Songさん)
Minhyon Song
Minhyon Song
Visited on 2016/08/06

3.1独立運動のメッカ タプトン公園

From "韓国ソウル"

THINGS TO DO in Seoul(South Korea)

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    Seoul, South Korea

    Guarini Letizia


  • ソウル(Seoul)(ソウル, 韓国)|韓国(ソウル)(Satoshi Takamuraさん)

    Seoul,South Korea
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    Satoshi Takamura

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    숭례문 (Sungnyemun)
    Seoul, South Korea

    Naomi Kanaya


Logbooks (Travelogs) in Seoul

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Seoul(148)
탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)(Seoul, South Korea) 탑골공원 (Tapgol Park)(Seoul, South Korea)

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