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竜の橋(Zmajski most / Dragon Bridge)

竜の橋(Zmajski most / Dragon Bridge)(リュブリャナ, スロベニア)の口コミ情報と旅行記、竜の橋(Zmajski most / Dragon Bridge)までの行き方や地図をまとめています。竜の橋(Zmajski most / Dragon Bridge)の他にもリュブリャナ、 スロベニアのおすすめスポットを紹介しており、みんなの口コミから自分だけの旅行プランを立てることが可能です。

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    Zmejski most in Ljubljana. My husband'a absolutely favourite city. Zmejski means Dragon

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    The symbol of the city is the Ljubljana Dragon. You may find dragons everywhere in Ljubljana. But first of all at the famous Dragon Bridge. The chief attraction of the bridge are four sheet-copper dragon statues, which stand on pedestals at its four corners. The Dragon Bridge, built by Josef Melan and designed by Jurij Zaninović, is often regarded as the most beautiful bridge produced by the Vienna Secession.

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    竜の橋(Zmajski most / Dragon Bridge)を含む旅行記一覧 竜の橋(Zmajski most / Dragon Bridge)を含む旅行記一覧

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