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Tromostovje / Triple Bridge

This is a page where you can find photos of Tromostovje / Triple Bridge (Ljubljana, Slovenia), trip reviews, comments, and Travel Logs with information and pictures related to Tromostovje / Triple Bridge. If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Ljubljana, Slovenia and saw Tromostovje / Triple Bridge?

  • Historic Site
  • Bridge
Address Prešernov Trg
URL http://www.visitljubljana.com

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    Visited at 2015.10.13


    Last updated at 2019.05.26 18:21
    From the travel log 『センスがいいコンパクトな首都、スロベニア・リュブリャーナ』
    Visited at 2015.09.10


    Last updated at 2017.06.26 09:10
    From the travel log 『クロアチア~イタリア 夏のアドリア海沿岸満喫の旅2015』
    Visited at 2006.10.28


    Last updated at 2017.06.26 09:20
    From the travel log 『ユーロ切り替え直前に訪れたスロヴェニア2泊3日の旅』
    Visited at 2013.06.21

    The Triple Bridge is a group of three bridges, connecting two parts of Ljubljana's downtown, located on both banks of Ljubljanica. There was originally only one bridge, which linked Central Europe and the Balkans. In order to prevent an 1842 stone arch bridge from being a bottleneck, two additional pedestrian bridges on either side of the central one were added in 1932 according to the Plečnik's 1929 design.

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 04:21
    From the travel log 『Short and magic Ljubljana trip』
    Tromostovje / Triple Bridge(Ljubljana, Slovenia) Tromostovje / Triple Bridge(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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