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Tromostovje / Triple Bridge Tromostovje / Triple Bridge

This is a page where you can find photos of Tromostovje / Triple Bridge (Ljubljana, Slovenia), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to Tromostovje / Triple Bridge. If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Ljubljana, Slovenia and saw Tromostovje / Triple Bridge?

Tromostovje / Triple Bridge

  • Bridge
  • Historic Site
Address Prešernov Trg

Episode about Tromostovje / Triple Bridge(2 Episodes)

Tromostovje / Triple Bridge(リュブリャナ, スロベニア)|Short and magic  Ljubljana trip(Nina  Tsypnyatovaさん)
Nina  Tsypnyatova
Nina Tsypnyatova
Visited on 2013/06/21
Loved to be there!

The Triple Bridge is a group of three bridges, connecting two parts of Ljubljana's downtown, located on both banks of Ljubljanica. There was originally only one bridge, which linked Central Europe and the Balkans. In order to prevent an 1842 stone arch bridge from being a bottleneck, two additional pedestrian bridges on either side of the central one were added in 1932 according to the Plečnik's 1929 design.

From "Short and magic Ljubljana trip"
Tromostovje / Triple Bridge(リュブリャナ, スロベニア)|センスがいいコンパクトな首都、スロベニア・リュブリャーナ(新田浩之(Nitta Hiroshi)さん)
新田浩之(Nitta Hiroshi)
新田浩之(Nitta Hiroshi)
Visited on 2015/10/13
Loved to be there!


From "センスがいいコンパクトな首都、スロベニア・リュブリャーナ"

THINGS TO DO in Ljubljana(Slovenia)

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia(リュブリャナ, スロベニア)|まめじょの豆な旅(Shiori Kudoさん)

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Shiori Kudo

    ヨーロッパ豆旅の最終目的地は スロヴェニアです! 首都リュブリャナに留学中の知人に会いに行きました〜。 ここにきて初めて観光らしい観光を・・・。 シンボル、「竜の橋」の前でとりあえす一枚。

  • Butchers' Bridge/Lover's Bridge(リュブリャナ, スロベニア)|Interrail 2014(Cristian Sotoさん)

    Butchers' Bridge/Lover's Bridge
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Cristian Soto


  • 竜の橋(Zmajski most / Dragon Bridge)(リュブリャナ, スロベニア)|アルプスの瞳”ブレッド湖”に行きたくてスロベニアに来ちゃった。(tabitabi parsleyさん)

    Zmajski most / Dragon Bridge
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Alexandra  Shukevich

    Zmejski most in Ljubljana. My husband'a absolutely favourite city. Zmejski means Dragon

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Ljubljana

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Ljubljana(14)
Tromostovje / Triple Bridge(Ljubljana, Slovenia) Tromostovje / Triple Bridge(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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