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Russia Irkutskaya oblast'(Russia)のSTAY情報

This is the information we have available about the Hotels and Accommodations found in the Irkutskaya oblast'(Russia) area. It's a list of all the recommended options, ranging from small lodges all the way up to huge resorts, available or related to Irkutskaya oblast'(Russia). You can choose any option that piques your interest to see more detailed information, like facilities, access, and an official reservation page, among many other things. Let's see what everyone's saying about the Hotels and Accommodations in Irkutskaya oblast'(Russia) so we can make the best choice!

  • Гостиница "Байкал"

    Irkutskaya oblast', Russia

    Гостиница "Байкал"(Irkutskaya oblast', ロシア)|シベリア鉄道体験一人旅(Aya Takahashiさん)


    • Aya Takahashi

      Aya Takahashiバイカル湖にはバイカルアザラシがいます。湖畔の水族館にいます。

    • Aya Takahashi

      Aya Takahashiこの樽がアザラシです。 でっぶ!!!! ガイドブックには「とても可愛いバイカルアザラシ」って書いてあってんけど。でっぶ!!!

  • Мечта Байкала

    Irkutskaya oblast', Russia

    Мечта Байкала(Irkutskaya oblast', ロシア)|イルクーツクとバイカル湖(Shogo Kimuraさん)


    • Shogo Kimura

      Shogo Kimura近くのスーパーで地元のビールを頼んだらこれが出てきた!飲みやすくてスッと喉を通る感じがして美味しかった。でもこれよく見たらシンガポールって書いてある、、、笑

STAY in Irkutskaya oblast' (Russia) STAY in Irkutskaya oblast' (Russia)

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