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Qatar EAT in Qatar

This is the information we have available about Restaurants and Gourmet Cuisine in the Qatar area. It's a list of all the recommended options available or related to Qatar. You can choose any option that piques your interest to see more detailed information, like open hours, reservation requirements, and the site's official page, among many other things. Let's see what everyone's saying about the Restaurants and Gourmet Cuisine in Qatar so we can pick the best place!

  • McDonald's - ماكدونالدز

    Doha, Qatar

    McDonald's - ماكدونالدز(ドーハ, カタール)|【カタール ドーハ空港】トランジットの過ごし方☆世界一退屈な街ドーハ(Aliceさん)


    • Alice

      Aliceとりあえず、マック♡♡ (旧空港は街の中心から離れていたため、マックしかない) 値段は日本と同じくらい。 写真は中東限定メニュー!

  • Qataf Cafe

    Doha, Qatar

    Qataf Cafe(ドーハ, カタール)|クロアチアを味わい尽くす旅☺︎(かつみさん)


    • かつみ


  • Trader Vic's

    Doha, Qatar

    Trader Vic's(ドーハ, カタール)|Local =Doha Qatar - richest country in the world -(Haruna Nssさん)


    • Haluna Nss

      Haluna NssThis place is located in front of pool. The place is filled with southern island atmosphere.

  • Bandar

    Doha, Qatar

    Bandar(ドーハ, カタール)|Israel & Jordan #1 in Doha イスラエル・ヨルダン、人んち渡り歩きの旅 〜ドーハ乗り継ぎ編(Kaori Murakamiさん)


    • Kaori Murakami

      Kaori Murakami海の方に行こうとタクシーに料金を聞くと、高いから歩いて行きなさいと…やっぱりここは大丈夫だ。ということでひたすら歩く。なかなか良い近代建築が多い。 A taxi driver is so honest that he advised me to walk to seaside because it's too expensive.... now I am sure that I'm safe in this city. On the way to seaside, I found some good buildings.

EAT in Qatar EAT in Qatar

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