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    2014.04.30 に訪問

    Beautiful place, Algarve. This beach in Portimão is a couple of km long.

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    2014.07.11 に訪問

    It is a small military fortress dating back to the seventeenth century and was designed by Alexandre Massay. It served to protect the coast of the Moors and Spanish pirates.

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    旅行記 『Albufeira, Portugal』 より
    2014.07.11 に訪問

    Surrounded by some of the best beaches in Europe is the Marina de Portimão Portugal marine leader in yachts up to 50 meters. You can see boats and impressive yachts, luxury all.

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    2013.09.15 に訪問

    Portimao; La Roca; beautiful beaches with rocks

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