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Fátima Fátima

This is a page where you can find photos of Fátima (Santarém District, Portugal), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to Fátima. If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Santarém District, Portugal and saw Fátima?


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Episode about Fátima(2 Episodes)

Fátima(サンタレン, ポルトガル)|Traveling from North to South of the Portugal. (Ⅰ. Porto-Nazare))(MAHOさん)
Visited on 2012/10/22
Loved to be there!

It was heavy foggy day, here is mysterious enough as it is. I think that this place is "SHIN-IKI", but atmosphere here differs also in a church also from a shrine.

From "Traveling from North to South of the Portugal. (Ⅰ. Porto-Nazare))"
Fátima(サンタレン, ポルトガル)|ポルトからナザレへ ポルトガル北部から中部の観光名所巡り(Teramoto Itsukiさん)
Teramoto Itsuki
Teramoto Itsuki
Visited on 2008/12/03
Loved to be there!


From "ポルトからナザレへ ポルトガル北部から中部の観光名所巡り"

THINGS TO DO in Santarém District(Portugal)

  • キリスト教修道院 (Convento de Cristo)(サンタレン, ポルトガル)|Traveling from North to South of the Portugal. (Ⅰ. Porto-Nazare))(MAHOさん) - 03

    Convento de Cristo
    Santarém District, Portugal


    I like a spiral stairs.

  • Porto da Lage(サンタレン, ポルトガル)|Long weekend summer trip to Portugal(Karol Torbaさん)

    Porto da Lage
    Santarém District, Portugal

    Karol Torba

    Ponte de St Louis. Most beautiful bridge in Porto

  • Igreja do CMSM(サンタレン, ポルトガル)|リスボンを満喫する旅。(榎本陽子さん)

    Igreja do CMSM
    Santarém District, Portugal


    バイシャ・シアド地区の西にあるカルモ教会へ。 サンタ・ジュスタのエレベーターをあがったすぐ近くにある。 1755年のリスボン地震により天井が崩落し、外壁やアーチ、柱の部分だけが残っているそう。教...

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Santarém District

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Santarém District(8)
Fátima(Santarém District, Portugal) Fátima(Santarém District, Portugal)

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