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Callao Callao (Peru) Travel Guide

Travel Logs, Maps, Episodes, Reviews and tourist information about Callao(Peru). You can find Reviews and Travel Logs, not only about Callao, but also about other popular cities in Peru from categories such as Foods, Sightseeing, Shopping, and Accomodation.

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さて、ペルーにやってきました\(^o^)/ タクシーに乗ったら、ジョン・レジェンドみたいな雰囲気のお兄さんが運転手で、スペイン語しか話せないんだけど30分くらい単語単語で話せたのが楽しかった!! 少しでもその土地の言葉を知ってるって、すごく大きなこと!もっとスペイン語勉強したいと思った。 リマは車が多いのか、ちょっと空気が悪くて、ショックだったな。



2014-09-12 - 2014-09-14 , 3days

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I stayed at SJ from Feb 22nd to 26th. On 26th, I left SFO to Peru to join the South America Tour. In this tour, I went to Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Uyuni, and La Paz. After the tour, I left La Paz on Mar 8th, and stayed at Buenos Aires for sightseeing and meeting my friends from 8th to 12th. I moved to Iguassu to see Iguassu Falls from Brazil side and Argentina side. After Iguassu, I stayed in Vegas to go to the concert of Pitbull, see Grand Canyon, and hang out with my friends from 15th to 19th. And finally, I came back to SJC and stay in SJ from 19th to 23rd. I left SJ on Mar 23rd for Japan.

Satoshi  Moriyama

Satoshi Moriyama

2016-02-22 - 2016-03-24 , 32days

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Tomohiro OKD

Tomohiro OKD

2012-02-18 - 2012-02-20 , 3days

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Callao (Peru) Travel Guide Callao (Peru) Travel Guide

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