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Via Dolorosa Via Dolorosa

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Via Dolorosa

  • History Museum
Address Via Dolorosa

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Via Dolorosa(パレスチナ)|Israel Study Tour 2012(Sumire Susie Nakamuraさん)
Sumire Susie Nakamura
Sumire Susie Nakamura
Visited on 2012/02/26
Loved to be there!

Went to the Old City, walled area within the modern city of Jerusalem that has a deep significance to the three monotheistic religions. Once passed Via Dolorosa (the way of grief), we found a caved wall where the Jews place their hand on. According to the guide book, this remark is where Jesus stumbled upon from carrying a cross on his back and walking on the way to crucifixion.

From "Israel Study Tour 2012"
Via Dolorosa(パレスチナ)|Turkey-Israel(accoさん)
Visited on 2008/08/07

この日は金曜日。 15時からヴィアドロローサという、キリストが十字架を背負って歩いた道を歩くというものに参加した。 エッケホモ教会を出発して、第1留から第14留まで。 修道士たちがそれぞれの場所で祈祷文を読み上げるのを聞きながら歩く。

From "Turkey-Israel"
Via Dolorosa(, Palestine) Via Dolorosa(, Palestine)

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