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Malta Victoria(Malta)のTHINGS TO DO情報

This is the information we have available about Tourism and Shopping in the Victoria(Malta) area. It's a list of all the recommended touristic spots and shops available or related to Victoria(Malta). You can choose any option that piques your interest to see more detailed information, like open hours and access, among other things. Let's see what everyone's saying about the Tourism and Shopping in Victoria(Malta) so we can schedule our activities!

  • The Citadel

    Victoria, Malta

    チタデル (大城塞)(The Citadel)(Victoria, マルタ)|マルターゴゾ島一日ツアー(Rina Kobayashiさん) - 03


    • Rina Kobayashi

      Rina Kobayashiと、けい?

    • Rina Kobayashi

      Rina Kobayashiゴゾを一望する眺めが美しい!

    • Rina Kobayashi

      Rina Kobayashiゴゾの中心 ヴィクトリアから、上り坂をぐんぐん。 ヴィクトリア大城塞到着。 どどーん!修復工事中!

  • Victoria

    Victoria, Malta

    ヴィクトリア(Victoria)(Victoria, マルタ)|治安が良く物価が安い!地中海の宝石箱【マルタ】で過ごす夢のような5日間♡(Aliceさん)


    • Rina Kobayashi

      Rina Kobayashi中心地で待ち合わせ。 フェスが開かれていて、賑わっていました。

    • Vadik Potapenko

      Vadik PotapenkoGozo is an island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is part of the Southern European country of Malta; after the island of Malta itself, it is the second-largest island in the archipelago. Compared to its southeastern neighbour, Gozo is more rural and known for its scenic hills, which are featured on its coat of arms.

    • Vadik Potapenko

      Vadik PotapenkoFor such a small island, Gozo has a high concentration of churches (46 in all). The Xewkija church has a capacity of 3000, enough for the entire population of Xewkija village; its dome is larger than that of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The church bells are rung daily for the canonical hours Matins, Lauds, Terce, Sext, None and vespers. The most famous church on the island is the National Shrine and Basilica of Santwarju tal-Madonna ta' Pinu.

  • Gozo Cathedral

    Victoria, Malta

    ゴゾ大聖堂(Gozo Cathedral)(Victoria, マルタ)|マルターゴゾ島一日ツアー(Rina Kobayashiさん) - 03


    • Rina Kobayashi

      Rina Kobayashi防空壕?は、オシャレなギャラリーになってる!

    • Rina Kobayashi

      Rina Kobayashi教会のチケットで小さなミュージアムもはいれました。(撮影禁止

    • Rina Kobayashi

      Rina Kobayashi希望者は別料金で、教会内部も見れます。 内部の写真は趣味ではないのであまり取りませんでしたが、圧巻の壁画です。

  • Gozo Bus Terminus

    Victoria, Malta

    ゴゾ島バスターミナル(Gozo Bus Terminus)(Victoria, マルタ)|Malta(Barbara Mowiecさん)


    • Barbara Mowiec

      Barbara MowiecRabat, capital city of Gozo

    • Nata Lia

      Nata LiaTraditional bus on Gozo island, unfortunately now it is only tourist attraction.

  • Rabat Gozo

    Victoria, Malta

    Rabat Gozo(ヴィクトリア, マルタ)|Malta(Anna Liszkaさん)


    • Anna Liszka

      Anna LiszkaRabat - the capital od island Gozo. The city is dominated citadel situated on a hill, offering a wide view of the city and surroundings.

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