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    2014.06.17 に訪問

    Here you can see the Mediterranean Sea. The water is really crystal clear.

    最終更新:2017.06.26 03:52
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    2011.09.26 に訪問

    St. Peters Pool in the west of malta

    最終更新:2017.06.26 04:08
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    2014.07.20 に訪問

    This water is so clear... Extreme visibility!

    最終更新:2017.06.26 03:44
    旅行記 『Malta』 より
    2014.07.20 に訪問

    Well it is the most beautiful beach I've ever been to. Great diving sites, rocks that you can jump off and incredibly azure water!!!

    最終更新:2017.06.26 03:44
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