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    2014.07.12 に訪問

    The Comino island and amazing sea caves.

    最終更新:2014.08.12 22:54
    旅行記 『MALTA』 より
    2014.05.12 に訪問

    comino the best place to sunbath

    最終更新:2014.08.12 16:45
    旅行記 『Malta』 より
    2014.07.30 に訪問

    stunning little island of Comino 'which belongs to the Maltese archipelago. stunningly beautiful and clean waters. the island is completely residential. you can reach it on special boats

    最終更新:2014.08.12 13:43
    旅行記 『Awesome Malta. How many people call this cute island open-air museum. Interesting story, various beaches, good people and a feeling in the air that you are 18 veke.Super』 より
    2013.10.04 に訪問

    We took a bus from San Giljan and arrived in Cirkewwa from where you can catch a boat to Comino. No sand on the island, but there are very interesting buildings like old hospital.

    最終更新:2014.08.11 13:51
    旅行記 『Malta』 より
    2014.05.12 に訪問

    comino-beautiful colour of water

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    旅行記 『The most bautiful country in the world』 より
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