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Pak Ou Caves Pak Ou Caves

This is a page where you can find photos of Pak Ou Caves (Louangphabang, Laos), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to Pak Ou Caves. If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Louangphabang, Laos and saw Pak Ou Caves?

Pak Ou Caves

  • Other Nature & Outdoor
  • Sculpture Garden

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Pak Ou Caves(ルアンパバーン, ラオス)|Luang Prabang(Seishiro Takahashiさん)
Seishiro Takahashi
Seishiro Takahashi
Visited on 2015/07/28


From "Luang Prabang"

THINGS TO DO in Louangphabang(Laos)

  • ルアンパバーン(Luang Prabang)(ルアンパバーン, ラオス)|世界遺産ルアンパパーンを巡るラオス6日間の旅(Yukiko Aonoさん)

    Luang Prabang
    Louangphabang, Laos

    Toru Oishi

    Wat Mai

  • Ban Pak-Ou(ルアンパバーン, ラオス)|Laos( Luang Prabang編)(MAHOさん)

    Ban Pak-Ou
    Louangphabang, Laos


    パークウー洞窟。 急な階段を上って、最初の洞窟?窪み?に。 ガイドさんにラオス式のお参りの仕方を教えていただき、お参り。

  • ルアンパバーン市(Luang Prabang City)(ルアンパバーン, ラオス)|ラオス、ルアンパバーン ~国家資格、象使いになるまでの道のり~(柿澤健太郎さん) - 19

    Luang Prabang City
    Louangphabang, Laos



Logbooks (Travelogs) in Louangphabang

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Louangphabang(27)
Pak Ou Caves(Louangphabang, Laos) Pak Ou Caves(Louangphabang, Laos)

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