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Japan Travel Logs of "cherryblossom"

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Although there were no one supporting me with the decision to stay in Japan for 1 year, I still made it. At age of 22, it's time to start life on your own even when it also means that you're gonna face tons of shits in the future. But I will never regret anything. I'm glad that I could enjoy Autumn Leaves and now it's Sakura Season. There are so many things to do in Japan and I believe these things are two of the best things in Japan. After coming back from Vietnam and Thailand, I could not wait any longer to see Sakura so I accompanied my roomie to Meguro River, Ueno Park and Rikugien. I have heard so many people saying that they wanna avoid the crowd to see the blooming Cherry Blossoms and I had the same thought to be honest. Then I realized that it's not a smart idea. Seeing Sakura is just one thing. But seeing people enjoying it, is definitely the better way to feel this season.

Linh Tran

Linh Tran

2016-04-01 - 2016-04-09 , 9days

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Japan Travel Logs of "cherryblossom" Japan Travel Logs of "cherryblossom"

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