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Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi (Japan) Travel Guide

Travel Logs, Maps, Episodes, Reviews and tourist information about Yokohama-shi(Japan). You can find Reviews and Travel Logs, not only about Yokohama-shi, but also about other popular cities in Japan from categories such as Foods, Sightseeing, Shopping, and Accomodation.

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2012-2014求學期間在東京吃了無數碗的拉麵,從此以業餘拉麵達人自居。 拉麵,是一個人份的美食。

Jerry Yen

Jerry Yen

2015-07-06 - 2015-07-06 , 1days

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Yokohama-shi (Japan) Travel Guide Yokohama-shi (Japan) Travel Guide

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