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Japan Shiga Prefecture(Japan)のSTAY情報

This is the information we have available about the Hotels and Accommodations found in the Shiga Prefecture(Japan) area. It's a list of all the recommended options, ranging from small lodges all the way up to huge resorts, available or related to Shiga Prefecture(Japan). You can choose any option that piques your interest to see more detailed information, like facilities, access, and an official reservation page, among many other things. Let's see what everyone's saying about the Hotels and Accommodations in Shiga Prefecture(Japan) so we can make the best choice!

  • 国民宿舎 ビューロッジ琵琶

    Shiga Prefecture, Japan

    国民宿舎 ビューロッジ琵琶(滋賀県, 日本)|Japan Paulsmart Club Meeting(Noritaka Ishiharaさん) - 02


    • Noritaka Ishihara

      Noritaka Ishihara第2回 滋賀県琵琶湖 国民宿舎

  • 彦根キャッスルホテル

    Shiga Prefecture, Japan

    彦根キャッスルホテル(滋賀県, 日本)|the bullet travel in TOKAIDO~no plan is the best way to enjoy Japan~(Daiki Suzukiさん)


    • Daiki Suzuki

      Daiki SuzukiThrough Nagoya, I came Hikone castle. This is the plenty of wealth in momoyama and Edo era. The lords of the castle had sustained huge power. Especially the family "Ii" is well known in Japan. Now, follow me and then show you the castle!

  • 奥琵琶湖マキノグランドパークホテル

    Shiga Prefecture, Japan

    奥琵琶湖マキノグランドパークホテル(滋賀県, 日本)|琵琶湖の北部 滋賀県高島市(Mizukami Yasuroさん)


    • Mizukami Yasuro

      Mizukami Yasuro宿泊した奥琵琶湖マキノグランドパークホテル

STAY in Shiga Prefecture (Japan) STAY in Shiga Prefecture (Japan)

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