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Jp Logbooks (Travelogs) of "kobe" in Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)

This is a summary of all the Logbooks (Travelogs) related to kobe that we have available for the Hyogo Prefecture(Japan) area. Please go ahead and click on them if you want to read their contents. Does reading about kobe in Hyogo Prefecture(Japan) make you want to go there too? In that case let's start planning your next trip!

Having fun in Kobe's China town

Having fun in Kobe's China town

2013-07-20 - 2013-07-20

  • 8Episodes
  • Ray Smith
My brother and I heard that Kobe's Chinatown was one of the biggest in Japan and we came all the way from Hiroshima to test it!

Travel Collector: Ray Smith

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15 hours in Kobe

15 hours in Kobe

2016-03-07 - 2016-03-07

  • 17Episodes
  • Linh Tran
Tokyo - Kobe: 8 hours on night bus 6:10am - Arrived in Kobe, Sannomiya Station -> Found the cheapest hotel on TripAdvisor 7:30am Checkin - Paid 2 nights 6500*2 because Checkin time is 3pm 12:00am Get out of the hotel 1:00pm Nonubiki Herbs Garden 4:00pm Kobe Shushinkan 7:00pm Shopping in Sannomiya Station Area 9:00pm KOBE BEEF! 10:00pm Back to Tokyo! Im writing my insane schedule not to see how much time I have wasted, but to see what I need to do for the next getaway. If you know exactly the details of my schedule including working time, wandering around Tokyo and party before and after this bullet trip, you will be surprised! LOL

Travel Collector: Linh Tran

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"kobe" in Hyogo Prefecture (Japan) "kobe" in Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)

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