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Osaka-Jo Hall (大阪城ホール) Travel Logs in Osaka-Jo Hall (大阪城ホール)

這次一開始是要去大阪聽五月天2019 Just Rock It! BLUE 4/7 在大阪城Hall的演唱會, 想說因為台灣清明連假還有很多天, 那就先飛去東京看朋友剛出生的小孩, 再飛去大阪, 結束後從大阪回台灣. 這次很幸運地在東京和大阪都看到滿開的櫻花, 因為太漂亮了, 所以記錄下來. This time was to attend Mayday's concert "2019 Just Rock It! BLUE" in OSAKA-JO HALL at 4/7. During that time, it was Tomb Sweeping Day and we had some consecutive holidays. So I decided to arrive at Tokyo to meet my friend who just had a baby then flied to Osaka then flied back from Osaka to Taiwan. It was very lucky to see so may cherry blossoms in Tokyo and Osaka, so I added a travel note here.

Chen Yu-jin

Chen Yu-jin

2019-04-02 - 2019-04-08 , 7days

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Osaka-Jo Hall (大阪城ホール)(Osaka-fu, Japan) Osaka-Jo Hall (大阪城ホール)(Osaka-fu, Japan)

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