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Burger Mania Ebisu (バーガーマニア恵比寿店)

This is a page where you can find photos of Burger Mania Ebisu (バーガーマニア恵比寿店) (Tokyo-to, Japan), trip reviews, comments, and Travel Logs with information and pictures related to Burger Mania Ebisu (バーガーマニア恵比寿店). If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Tokyo-to, Japan and saw Burger Mania Ebisu (バーガーマニア恵比寿店)?

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    Visited at 2015.12.04

    CINAMON APPLE BURGERS! WHAT THE HELL IS IT? That's exactly what I shouted and embarrassed my friend at the restaurant lol. I love Cinnamon Apple Buns but Cinnamon Burgers is a totally different story! But I must say IT'S THE BEST BURGER I've ever had. Mania made a huge success with the combination of my two all-time favorites. Cant ask for more! Cinnamon Apple with Cheese melting over the juicy tasty patty ... oh! The only thing made me upset was the light of the restaurant! lol Im so lame. Sorry! Will come back soon to take better photos. And this is a MUST-TRY burger in Tokyo!

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 07:35
    From the travel log 『Tokyo Burgers collection (To be updated)』
    Visited at 2015.03.12

    バーガーマニアの3店舗目、恵比寿店。 バーのような雰囲気の美味しいバーガーやさん。 夜24時までやっている。

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 05:32
    From the travel log 『ごはん日記〜恵比寿、目黒、渋谷、西麻布で一週間〜』
    Burger Mania Ebisu (バーガーマニア恵比寿店)(Tokyo-to, Japan) Burger Mania Ebisu (バーガーマニア恵比寿店)(Tokyo-to, Japan)

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