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青い池 (Blue Pond) 青い池 (Blue Pond)

This is a page where you can find photos of 青い池 (Blue Pond) (Hokkaido, Japan), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to 青い池 (Blue Pond). If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Hokkaido, Japan and saw 青い池 (Blue Pond)?

青い池 (Blue Pond)

  • Lake
Address 白金

Episode about 青い池 (Blue Pond)(7 Episodes)

青い池 (Blue Pond)(北海道, 日本)|美瑛、富良野、旭川と札幌、北の大地を満喫する旅 Jul.2014(momocolさん)
Visited on 2014/07/06
Loved to be there!


From "美瑛、富良野、旭川と札幌、北の大地を満喫する旅 Jul.2014"
青い池 (Blue Pond)(北海道, 日本)|Hokkaido tour with guests from Singapore in August(Yuichi Kudoさん)
Yuichi Kudo
Yuichi Kudo
Visited on 2016/08/03

This is blue pond, one of the must place to visit in Hokkaido. Pond is colored milky blue because of the continents of water and the mud of the lake. Water contains aluminum hydroxide and mud of the lake contains sulfur. White birch trees are standing decayed so we may only see this scenery within 5 years or less. We enjoyed walking around pond and took nice pictures.

From "Hokkaido tour with guests from Singapore in August"
青い池 (Blue Pond)(北海道, 日本)|日本一ピースフル!夏の北海道で絶景と音楽を楽しむ旅(Asami  Yamadaさん)
Asami  Yamada
Asami Yamada
Visited on 2015/08/13
Loved to be there!

お次ぎはネットで話題になった「青い池」へ。前日の豪雨の影響で青というより緑でしたが(笑)不思議な雰囲気を持った湖でした。 ガイドさん曰く元々観光地ではないので、今年中に閉鎖されるかもという情報もあるそうです。ギリギリ見に行けてよかった。

From "日本一ピースフル!夏の北海道で絶景と音楽を楽しむ旅"
青い池 (Blue Pond)(北海道, 日本)|Biei&Furano(Erika Minamiさん)
Erika Minami
Erika Minami
Visited on 2013/07/27
Loved to be there!

美瑛の青い池! 不思議なブルーの色

From "Biei&Furano"
青い池 (Blue Pond)(北海道, 日本)|北海道グルメツアー(Yukiko Tateokaさん)
Yukiko Tateoka
Yukiko Tateoka
Visited on 2015/09/13

From "北海道グルメツアー"
青い池 (Blue Pond)(北海道, 日本)|帰省旅行(Fumiko Takahashiさん)
Fumiko Takahashi
Fumiko Takahashi
Visited on 2016/09/19


From "帰省旅行"
青い池 (Blue Pond)(北海道, 日本)|富良野・美瑛旅行(Mさん)
Visited on 2016/01/10

From "富良野・美瑛旅行"
青い池 (Blue Pond)(Hokkaido, Japan) 青い池 (Blue Pond)(Hokkaido, Japan)

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